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Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies in India


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Digital marketing has expanded in recent years, and no one can deny the relevance of Digital Marketing Agencies today! Due to the competence in the sector, a Digital Marketing Company’s services may undoubtedly assist your organization. Brand awareness, enticing new consumers, and other advantages are frequent. As a result, here is a list of the most significant firms in India that provide internet marketing services!

Not only that, but you can now easily further your business in the Digital Marketing business by joining one of these organizations. Whether you are a writer or a graphic designer, the internet market requires a diverse range of skills to enhance its clients’ brand image.

The internet has transformed the globe into a global village, meaning it is an excellent location for many chances. If you are a brand wanting to engage a marketing team or outsource this effort to an external partner, the expertise of both digital marketing and local and international markets is required. A digital marketing firm provides the specialized competence required for a company to improve its overall market success. Companies must evolve in tandem with the changing environment as it becomes increasingly digital. Consequently, in addition to traditional marketing channels such as print, television, and radio, it is vital to focus on digital platforms to get the most out of the campaign.

List of top 30 digital marketing agencies in India


  1. iProspect India

The leading Digital Marketing agency in India is iProspect India, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) group. This Digital Marketing firm supports organizations in staying ahead of the competition and gaining a competitive advantage.

This group develops and manages your brand’s entire comprehensive strategy. Aside from that, it is a leading creative agency that provides services in the creation of video, text, and other types of creative ways to communicate.


  1. Growth Hackers Digital

Growth Hackers Digital is a fast-working marketing firm that works with well-funded startups and big corporations to overcome short- and long-term growth issues. They help organizations achieve speedily, sustained, and scalable development by developing and implementing results-oriented initiatives.

They strive to achieve your company’s objectives, such as lead generation, focused sales growth, and conversion enhancement. They have a track record of achievement and the expertise to help their clients build their company.


  1. WatConsultant

WatConsult, a DAN group member, is one of India’s top digital marketing agencies. According to a top-tier consultant, the most crucial relationship is that between the consumer and the brand. It assists the companies with which it engages in co-creating and implementing an excellent digital marketing plan for interacting with clients. WatConsult employs digital marketing technology to connect customers and businesses on social and mobile networks.


  1. Webchutney

Webchutney is a Dentsu Aegis Network marketing agency in India (DAN). This Marketing Network Operator is a beautiful combination of Technology and Creativity in its approach to Online Marketing.

It is known as one of India’s top digital marketing companies, providing services such as web design, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and online ads. It is a corporation that seamlessly blends creativity and technology.


  1. Foxymoron

Four college friends started this side enterprise, which turned into one of India’s leading independent digital marketing companies. Foxymoron has grown tremendously. It is a full-service marketing agency focusing on delivering consumers the best digital marketing solutions. Foxymoron is comprised of a brilliant team of strategists, analysts, technologists, designers, storytellers, and producers who employ digital marketing tactics to achieve the most remarkable outcomes for their clients.


  1. Pinstorm

Pinstorm is a top-rated digital marketing agency in India. It is a full-service provider with the distinction of being a content marketing pioneer. It is also an early adopter of pay-for-performance marketing. Pinstorm believes that for companies to thrive in these changing times, they must experience a total transformation in execution and thinking.


  1. BCWebwise

This organization is among India’s top Digital Marketing companies, handling all parts of digital media solutions, promotion, and advertising solutions for various brands.

It is a full-service supplier of digital solutions known for its robust brand services. There aren’t many innovative agencies in India that have outperformed them.


  1. Mirum

Mirum, previously known as Social Wavelength, is a highly sought-after digital marketing agency by businesses owing to its exceptional outcomes and ability to give the finest. They have also begun to offer Original Equipment Manufacturer services. Mirum is a transnational digital story company with a presence in 24 countries and a well-organized, structured, and incredibly efficient digital marketing firm.


  1. Kinnect

Kinnect, based in Mumbai, is one of the country’s leading digital marketing firms. Kinnect started in 2011 and has grown into a close-knit family of 350+ employees spread throughout Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. They’ve garnered several awards worldwide for their continuous and great work for several well-known corporations. Kinnect solves problems by creating innovative solutions that reach your intended audience while having a tangible influence on your business goals.


  1. Resultrix

If you require a Digital Marketing agency, Resultrix is a must-visit. This firm is part of the Publicis Groupe and is among the most significant brands in the world of Digital Marketing.

They have a creative crew that governs media designs for their clients, which would undoubtedly help consumers achieve their fantasies. It offers enticing UI/UX design solutions that ensure clients spend longer on your website.


  1. Group M India

WPP is the parent firm of GroupM, a significant worldwide media management business. Its plan is focused on helping its clients achieve their goals. They describe themselves as a technologically savvy marketing services conglomerate.


  1. NineHertz

The NineHertz, formed in 2008, is a slashing digital marketing agency with a particular marketing approach and coding pattern that distinguishes them from the competition. They believe that a holistic view of campaigns is the key to attaining the most outstanding results in digital marketing rather than merely following trends.


  1. Reprise Media India

Reprise Media is considered one of India’s most outstanding digital marketing service providers, focusing on connecting companies with customers. Although it is not an advertising company, it excels in breaking through the congestion by utilizing a flexible mix of paid, natural, and earned media. Companies like these are putting generalist marketing advertising firms to shame.


  1. Interactive Avenues

Interactive Avenues is a division of IPG and a well-known name in the industry.

It meets all of its clients’ Digital Marketing needs, including media management, content generation, and marketing. Interactive Avenues is a preeminent Social Media Management Agency in India with a track record of producing outstanding campaigns. They are also superior to others when it pertains to marketing Analytics.


  1. Creative Monkeys

Calicut-based Calicut-based Creative Monkeys is a prominent digital marketing agency in India. They are one of India’s most distinctive and cost-effective digital marketing firms. They provide a wide range of services. They seek to amaze, satisfy, and thrill their clientele with novel ideas, unconventional tactics, and practical solutions. Advertising, events, innovative design, video production, packaging, marketing, digital marketing, commercial advertising, and other services are offered.


  1. Bonoboz

Bonoboz is among India’s leading digital marketing businesses, with a team of hardworking individuals in Gujarat. They like their customer contacts and services and specialize in adding value. Throughout the project’s length, the company maintains complete transparency. They have a track record of reaching engagement and revenue goals.


  1. Digital Kangaroos

Digital Kangaroos, headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, is one of India’s most famous digital marketing organizations, offering services to small and large enterprises. They provide your company with cutting-edge digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and SEM solutions. They customize solutions to your company’s demands and offer a greater return on investment. They have completed approximately 500 projects so far.


  1. AdGlobal 360

AdGlobal360 is a full-service digital advertising firm specializing in Ppc ads, Search engine optimization, SMO, email marketing, online reputation management, Google business listings, high-performing landing pages, and other services.

They have a series of creative value-added solutions such as Call-Tracking, Optimized Landing Pages, and so on that have helped their clients get the most out of their budgets. In regards to customer satisfaction, it is one of the top digital marketing organizations.


  1. Studio pixel

Studio Pixel is a digital marketing business situated in Vizag that has received multiple honours. Studio Pixel, one of Andhra Pradesh’s central digital design and marketing firms, employs some of the state’s best web designers and developers. In the past 10 years, they served 1262 customers. Their primary purpose is to work with their customers closely to create unique websites that connect them to their target market.


  1. Webnox Technologies

Webnox Technologies is a Coimbatore-based online application development company. A group of seasoned software enthusiasts formed it to specialize in digital marketing. They gave their staff vital skills in mobile app development, SEO, and e-commerce. They provide the best level of service, and their project team is made up of full-time employees such as developers, analysts, designers, testers, and others who collaborate on projects.

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