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Top Indian Ad Networks for Publishers


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Maximize Your Revenue: Discover the Top Indian Ad Networks for Publishers – Boost Your Online Advertising Efforts with Our Comprehensive List of Companies!

An ad network functions as a mediator, connecting advertisers with websites that carry adverts. To be more specific, this network looks for empty advertising space from publishers and then offers it to advertisers looking for ad space with certain content. When you view interactive advertising on various websites, a certain technological procedure is going place to enable such. Every Ad Network aims to aggregate publishers to supply advertisers with minimal-cost ad space that may reach a large number of consumers.


List of Top Indian Ad Networks for Publishers

  1. Tyroo

Tyroo is a major mobile user engagement and monetization platform based in New Delhi. Tryoo enables its clients to provide a local experience while also understanding the behaviour of audiences in emerging areas, with a focus on monetizing commerce-oriented behaviours.

Every month, they send 20 billion+ advertising to consumers across 15 priority areas, with a physical presence in Delhi, Singapore, Jakarta, Dubai, Bangalore, and Mumbai, and they are expanding globally. Tyroo has become one of India’s largest multi-screen performance networks, with over 90 million monthly hits from various visitors.


  1. SVG Media

SVG Media, which was formed in India in 2006, is known as one of the largest and most promising Indian ad networks as well as online media networks, with a global reach of over 33 million unique annual users, accounting for nearly 60% of India’s Web viewership.

It provides all media kinds to publishers to meet their publishing demands. Product Listing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Dynamic Re-Targeting, Video and Native Ads, and Social are some of their media examples.

SVG Media now has offices in India, South East Asia, and the Middle East. SVG Media now has 50 ad servers across three continents. It is also supported by high-performance AMAZON CLOUD SERVICES and Amazon CDN.


  1. Affle

Affle (India) Limited, founded in 2005, is a mobile marketing firm that provides Consumer and Enterprise Platforms. By providing mobile advertisements, the platform is intended to reduce digital advertising fraud, improve user privacy expectations, and increase the return on marketing spending.

The consumer platform primarily offers new consumer sales (acquisitions, investments, and purchases) via specific mobile advertising, retargeting existing customers to full payments of e-commerce businesses through the use of relevant mobile advertising, and an online-to-offline (O2O) network that converts online customer interaction into in-store walk-ins.


  1. adChakra

adChakra is a cross-channel digital advertising firm that assists brands and enterprises in reaching their marketing objectives. adChakra is just 8 years old and has won the ‘Deloitte Fast Technology India Award in 2010 and 2011 during the first four years of its existence. Among its clients are Toshiba, Toyota, Vatika, and Sparx. It is headquartered in India and has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

Adchakra is a major nationwide advertising network that focuses on channel-based optimization campaigns. Adchakra uses its in-house technology platform and solid collaborations with leading firms to provide marketers with campaign solutions that deliver outstanding results.


  1. Collectcent

The collection is one of India’s leading providers of mobile advertisements designed to be compatible with all mobile displays, delivering and monetizing millions of impressions every day. In addition, in a big data scenario, they built self-learning algorithms to target users more likely to be intrigued, tap, and purchase.

Their fraud detection algorithms may also be used to distinguish between legitimate and bot traffic. Collectcent suppresses the bot’s traffic before it reaches the network using this way. Along with excellent data-driven services, Collectcent provides an expert team of seasoned individuals who fully understand publishers’ needs.


  1. Seventy Nine

Seventy Nine is a member of the SVG Media Company. It is a leading mobile advertising software and monetization firm that offers a wide range of products and services to both web publishers looking to enhance advertising revenues and performance-driven advertisers looking to reach, engage, and change the right audience. The company works with prominent companies that have not yet ventured into mobile as a business. It supports native platforms as well as hybrid-based conversions. It strives to improve user experiences via the use of rich media.


  1. ADAttract

ADAttract began as a pay-per-click affiliate network. It then turned into an ad network. Since then, it has been seeking to increase publisher income. ADAttract’s product is intended for easy integration and performance. It is used by an automated optimization technique to ensure maximum eCPM. It also provides novel ad formats such as full-screen, vertical, or in-feed video, as well as native advertisements with high fill rates.

The firm provides direct access to the global demand for exclusive advertising with its premier marketplace. Additional publisher requirements are met by features such as customizable reporting and worldwide support.


  1. Adsonmedia

Adsonmedia is a commercial ad network that specializes in internet advertising. Their techniques offer industry-leading platform-wide transparency, revealing unique and critical insights into campaign outcomes, placement, performance, and budget. They assist online advertisers, media firms, and brand marketers in meeting their objectives with innovative ad management solutions and exceptional customer service.

Adsonmedia provides premium publishers with integrated solutions to maximize income from unsold or unguaranteed stock. They offer one-stop access to direct advertiser supply, quality brand traffic, and real-time bidding capabilities at better CPMs through a variety of demand-side platforms, digital exchanges, and audience-based sources.


  1. PubMatic

PubMatic is the leading provider of marketing automation software for publishers. PubMatic helps publishers to make better inventory selections and increase revenue performance with real-time analytics, yield management, and workflow automation.

PubMatic, which focuses on servicing the needs of premium publishers, instils buyer trust by offering flexibility in audience research and media campaign planning via its Media Buyer Console and APIs. The company’s marketing automation software platform gives comScore publishers throughout the world a unified picture of their advertising relationships across every screen, channel, and format.

Deloitte named PubMatic to be among the top growing companies in the United States for the fourth year in a row in 2015. The corporation is based in Redwood City, California, and has offices all around the world.


  1. XapAds

XapAds is a programmatic advertising firm that provides publishers with mobile, web, and video inventory with real-time bidding solutions. Xerxes, the company’s AI-powered solution, combines audience insights, historical user data, artificial intelligence, and a human element.

XapAds works with around 100 publishers and 25 SSPs to offer clients the necessary outcomes. Its demand chain comprises Pubmatic, Taboola, MediaMath, Index Exchange and similar large brands. Other organizations on the market provide digital marketing solutions; however, Xapads is the first specialized digital marketing agency to provide online display and video ads. Xapads Digital Advertising Company delivers studies and strategic planning linked to competitiveness in the marketplace.



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