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15 FREE Influencer Marketing Tools to discover Influencers


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15 FREE Influencer Marketing Tools to discover Influencers

Influencer marketing has become an essential component of digital marketing and a preferred technique for firms to uncover their products to a broader audience. Marketers work with influencers to promote content, and most intend to boost influencer expenditure. Knowing the top influencer marketing platforms is essential for social media marketers because they offer practical strategies to develop their company.

Other prominent social media channels include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, but Instagram is the most influential and essential social media network. The photo-sharing software has a large user base and is quickly gaining popularity among casual and corporate users.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which influential individuals are used to advertising a product or service. These influencers have a significant social media following and are frequently admired by their peers. By collaborating with these influencers, brands may reach a broader audience and spread visibility for their products or services.


Best Influencer Marketing tools


  1. Upfluence

Upfluence is a full-fledged influencer platform with a diverse collection of features. However, the influencer searching and discovery engine is a critical platform component.

It has a massive database with over 3 million influencer identities. The AI at Upfluence indexes and refreshes these profiles in real-time. The system assesses the reach and engagement of each piece of content.

Clients may use as many keywords as they like to locate influencers on Upfluence. You begin to restrict the pool by digging down keywords. You may give each term a relative weight, making some more significant than others. You may also refine your search on Instagram by utilizing parameters such as geography, social platform, or amount of followers.


  1. AspireIQ

AspireIQ is an advocacy-focused community intelligence marketing tool. It regards your community to be the most powerful influence of all. It defines your community as like-minded consumers, creators, professionals, experts, workers, and brand ambassadors that share values and enthusiasm for your brand that extend far beyond the product or service you offer.

AspireIQ has compiled a database of over six million content producers to help you locate the ideal partners with whom you can cooperate. And AspireIQ evolves alongside you. With their automatic step-by-step work process that adjusts to your needs, you can expedite each phase of your campaign, from the initial connection and product delivery to content authorization and tracking. This implies you can reach out to hundreds of influencers if you want.


  1. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor can help you find the top Instagram influencers based on the amount of quality and engaged followers. HypeAuditor’s AI analyses extensively and evaluates bloggers based on quality followers and engagement. They collect raw data from various sources, depersonalize it, and cluster it. They only consider genuine likes and follow them. The algorithm then rates influencers and creates daily rankings of the world’s top influencers.

You may choose a list of the most popular 1000 influencers from all genres or divide the listing into one of 14 categories. In turn, you may choose between influencer lists that include influencers from all countries and lists that only include influencers from one of the 17 nations.


  1. StoryClash

You may find new Instagram influencers talking about your company with Storyclash’s free influencer search tool. It enables you to identify the proper type of social media character for your demands and reach, which is critical for reaching your target audience.

Type your business name or hashtag into the search field to utilize the free influencer search tool. For the last 30 days, Storyclash will give you a small list of all the influencers who have lately discussed it. Each influencer’s amount of followers and speciality are included in the results.


  1. Affable

Affable is an influencer business tool that automates influencer campaigns’ planning, optimization, and implementation. It employs artificial intelligence to deliver comprehensive demographic insights on an individual’s social media history across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as their influence on your brand or product section from a single login.

The Affable influencer database is more than simply a list. It’s a significant study effort that gives a wealth of information to assist you in finding the ideal individual. Using various complex filters, you may locate influencers depending on their demographics, geography, and followers.


  1. Post for Rent

Post for Rent is also a powerful influencing tool. The organization successfully combines cold commercial efficiency and genuine influencer efforts.

There is a mechanism for companies and influencers to submit ratings and act as a reference for one another. Businesses looking for influencers may see these star ratings on their results pages and can check reviews written by other brands by clicking on their profiles. Similarly, influencers view brand ratings, influencing their willingness to cooperate with the firm.

Brands begin by developing a brief, which specifies the sort of campaign desired. The process’s more tiresome aspects, such as locating and monitoring influencers and their content, reading through profiles and statistics, and studying audiences, are easily handled through a simple and plain interface. Post for Rent helps you to find influencers depending on the hashtags they’ve used in previous posts. This aids in better targeting. They also provide the option to evaluate any social media account, with the first report for free. This is an excellent starting point for making educated selections in influencer marketing.


  1. Influence.co

When compared to other influencer sites, influence.co takes a very different strategy. Although influence.co provides all of the standard influencer marketplace tools, it also functions as a social media platform. This assists companies in maintaining the kinds of genuine and long-term connections that are inherent in influencer marketing. Indeed, the social feature of influence.co supplements rather than replace discovery and activation. However, it is booming in lifting the platform to a higher level. Brands are more inclined to form ties with influencers whose postings appear in their feed.

Influence.co offers two plans, free and premium. You may create your profile and join the platform’s community with a basic free account. You may do a basic search with up to 50 results and organize those results into up to three lists. You may build and publish campaigns and message up to 12 influencers each month. Of course, the Business Pro premium package includes a lot more. It provides you with numerous profiles, sophisticated searches, limitless results, unlimited lists, extended search, campaign administration, campaign reporting, team members, lead generation, and other features.


  1. PitchBoard

PitchBoard is a marketplace for swiftly and at-scale executing campaigns. It sees no requirement for influencer finding or connection management features. Instead, its primary goal is to let advertisers reach new consumers on a massive scale. This implies it works effectively with platforms specializing in other areas. Pitchboard’s machine-learning system sifts through influencer information from numerous sources to discover people with audiences that are appropriate for campaigns.

PitchBoard handles compensation effectively. Brands may issue an explicit request for numerous pieces of content, along with a fully fleshed-out remuneration structure. The PitchBoard provides real-time data and forecasts of expected engagement and cost per engagement. PitchBoard displays detailed statistics and analysis for influencers who pitch brands. This contains predicted engagement forecasts for each influencer and a cost breakdown for those engagements. They provide thorough information about their target audiences and an audience trustworthiness score.


  1. Dovetale

Although any brand may utilize Dovetale, its primary concentration is on e-Commerce retailers. Dovetale emphasizes their connection with Shopify, emphasizing how they assist Shopify shops in recruiting, managing and building sales with customers who appreciate their products. As a result, it serves incredibly effectively small enterprises. That doesn’t mean they aren’t appropriate for larger enterprises. They also provide corporate technologies to assist teams in handling influencer marketing initiatives. Nonetheless, Dovetale caters to small companies better than many other platforms discussed here.

Up to three users may manage five influencers with the free plan, which includes a unique community sign-in page, a custom sign-up button for your Shopify website, limitless giving and affiliate orders, and affiliate sale monitoring. As you require more use of influencers, you can shift to the paid plan.


  1. Discover.ly

Discover.ly is a Chrome extension that assists you with networking. You may use it to view the social accounts and activities of your emails, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts in a sidebar. For example, you can see shared Facebook friends on LinkedIn for someone you link with.

You may check your contacts’ social media accounts on various social networks and platforms. Google+, Klout, Angel Base, FourSquare, and Behance are among them. Discover.ly may determine if any of your contacts have ties to influencers in your niche. If you make any connections, you might use your contacts to connect you to the influencers.


  1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is an accessible social media interface that allows you to manage all of your tweets. It may show any of your Twitter status items, comments, direct messages, categories, trends, favourites, search results, or hashtags. The Tweetdeck interface allows you to manage up to 200 Twitter accounts.

Tweetdeck provides excellent search capabilities. You may use Tweetdeck to monitor competitor mentions. You may also employ it to discover the use of a specific hashtag, which might help you locate influencers. You may also narrow your search by the number of retweets.


  1. Social Crawlytics

You can track content and competition using Social Crawlytics. Social Crawlytics may use it to determine which posts have been most successful and shared on specific websites. Unlike some other social management boards, Social Crawlytics allows you to run reports by specific websites. For example, you may conduct a competitor analysis to see their most effective content and how others have shared it.


  1. Alltop

If you’re seeking influential blogs, a Search on google might be a bit hit-or-miss. It captures all sorts of websites in its findings, and blogs are jumbled alongside everything else, including sales pages and forums. Alltop can assist you in this regard because it simply gathers blog entries.

It is selected by humans, not algorithms, who look for the best blog entries in specific themes daily.


  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a free and premium application. You may work with two social media accounts for free but must pay for additional accounts. It may be used to target Twitter and Instagram followers, albeit its Instagram capabilities were decreased this year (2017) owing to modifications in the Instagram API. Crowdfire can assist you in finding relevant Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow.


  1. Full Contact

While Full Contact is not explicitly designed for influencer marketing, it does provide tools that will guide you in keeping a record of your influencers. Technically, it is a contact management system. You will most likely amass a list of potential influencers via blogs, podcasts, YouTube, and social media. Some of them you also might know in person. Complete Contact assists you in keeping track of your influencers’ information.


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