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50 Inspiring Quotes on Business Growth and Success


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People think that starting on a new business is the difficult and the hardest part of all. But to your notice, this is one of the easiest parts. The difficulty levels now take up when you need to plan on taking your business further and facing the business world amongst your competitors. To ease your work and feel a bit calm, you must focus on those who have passed their time in the business. Here are 50 quotes on business development and success from global leaders, businessmen, philosophers, and others to inspire your teams and business alike.

Inspiring Quotes on Business Growth and Success

  1. Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. – John F. Kennedy, 35th US president
  2. The road to success is always under construction – Lily Tomlin, actress
  3. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. – Napoleon Hill, author
  4. Mistakes are the growing pains of wisdom. – William George Jordan, writer/editor
  5. There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.– Ronald Reagan, Actor and 40th President of the United States
  6. Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. – Benjamin Franklin
  7. “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” —Harvey S. Firestone, founder, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
  8. “Success works as a cycle—growth, and contraction, balancing and unbalancing—all while you’re encountering hurdles that get higher and higher over time.” —Julien Smith, author, “The Flinch”
  9. “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  1. “Dragons take on many forms – the hardest task of the day, a new responsibility, an impending deadline, or even dealing with conflict – and the trick is to just slay the dragon and move on. Don’t overthink it. To succeed, you have to have the confidence to take things head-on and keep moving forward.” Sarah Mannone, Executive VP of Trekk
  1. “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.” R. Narayana Murthy, Co-founder of Infosys
  1. “No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at the bottom of the heap tomorrow, if it doesn’t.”- James Cash Penney, founder, JC Penney
  2. “Becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, and a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.” – Michelle Obama, from Becoming 
  3. “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”- Thomas Watson, Sr., former CEO, IBM
  4. They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy Warhol
  5. “Every problem is a gift without problems we would not grow.” – Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker, and writer
  6. “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” – Dhirubhai Ambani, founder, Reliance Industries
  7. “It is impossible to progress without change, and those who do not change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw
  8. “Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it’s starting a new business, whether it’s leaving home, whether it’s getting married, or whether it’s flying in space.” – Chris Hadfield, astronaut
  9. “Many companies get trapped by the paradox of hitting numbers ‘now’ versus improving sales for future quarters or years ahead.” – Tiffani Bova, Salesforce Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist
  10. The only way you are going to have success is to have lots of failures first. – Sergey Brin, co-founder, Google
  1. Sell for an amount of money that will sustain your business and sustain your life. – Megan Auman, jewelry designer

Quotes About Business Transformation

  1. “In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” -Mark Zuckerberg 
  2. “Consumers now expect to be able to get things, talk to someone, and do what they want at any time. That’s led to a divide. Some companies and products provide such a perfect, seamless experience that it has raised the bar. In fact, it’s so easy and seamless that we kind of forgets to be impressed. But what they’re doing is making the ones that don’t deliver that kind of great experience all the more obvious.” – Susan Weinschenk, Chief Behavioural Scientist and CEO, The Team W
  3. “Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time.” – Jamie Dimon, president, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase
  4. Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. Its openness, curiosity, and willingness to embrace paradox.”- Tony Schwartz
  5. “The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it.” -Marcus Buckingham 
  6. “Companies that invest more in digital transformation actually outperform their peers over time. These companies are more prepared for disruption, better able to monetize new digital channels, and better able to build a bigger user base. What’s more, this phenomenon exists regardless of industry.” – Geoff Cubitt, CEO, Isobar US
  7. Risk is essential. There is not growth of inspiration in staying within what is safe and comfortable. Once you find out what you do best, why not try something else?– Alex Noble
  8. “Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution.” – Bill Drayton 
  9. Experiment with new technologies and try out new workflows and processes. There is always a way to improve your productivity, quality and internal processes, leading to a lower lead time and faster business growth. – Atanas Georgiev, CTO, Enterprise League
  10. “The day you are not solving problems or are not up to your butt in problems is probably a day you are no longer leading.”– Colin Powell 
  11. “If you want to improve the organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you.” – Indra Nooyi (Chairperson and CEO, PepsiCo)
  12. Test, measure, and learn. It is the best way to understand what works best for your company and invest in the right area to get more efficient and achieve business growth. – Irina Georgieva, co-founder and CEO, Enterprise League

Quotes related to employees in the business

  1. Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits. – Vaughn Aust, EVP of Integrated Solutions, MarketStar
  2. “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” Socrates, Philosopher 
  3. “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”- Anne M. Mulcahy – former CEO of Xerox
  4. “It’s not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between 9 and 5. It’s whether or not our work fulfills us. – Malcolm Gladwell (Bestselling Author)
  5. “Employers that are effectively linking their social missions to their employee’s daily work are differentiating themselves in the market and generating big returns. Taking the necessary steps to ensure every employee knows how they fulfill the mission, achieve the vision, and execute one or more company strategies through his or her daily job really pays off.” – Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D. (Chief Talent Executive, Atlantic Bridge Capital, LLP, Former Chief Learning Officer, Qualcomm)
  6. “Treating employees benevolently shouldn’t be viewed as an added cost that cuts into profits, but as a powerful energizer that can grow the enterprise into something far greater than one leader could envision.”- Harold Schultz – founder and former CEO of Starbucks
  7. “People leave when they don’t feel appreciated. That’s why we’ve made recognition a really high value. Our business is people-capability first; then you satisfy customers; then you make money.” – David Novak – former CEO of YUM! Brands

Quotes about Businesses taking responsibility of their work

  1. “It’s often said that ‘data is the new oil.’ Instead, we’d argue that it’s trust that will decide whether businesses — and the Fourth Industrial Revolution itself — succeed. There is both a moral and business imperative to do more than increase profits. My fellow CFOs and other leaders should respond to today’s rapid technological and societal change by taking a long-term view.” — Mark Hawkins, President and Chief Financial Officer, Salesforce
  2. Sustainability includes how you run your business, and my bottom line includes how you treat your people. Sustainability starts with your staff. Tom Douglas
  3. Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment. But moral responsibility goes further, reflecting the need for corporations to address fundamental ethical issues such as inclusion, dignity, and equality. Klaus Schwab
  4. Sustainable development is a fundamental break that’s going to reshuffle the entire deck. There are companies today that are going to dominate in the future simply because they understand that. – Francois-Henri Pinault
  5. It is not possible to have a strong, functioning business in a world of increasing inequality, poverty, and climate change. – Paul Polman
  6. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett
  7. “The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed” – Anita Roddick
  8. “Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success” -Bill Ford
  9. “When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive changes” – Cameron Sinclair


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