Best cleaning chemical suppliers in Mumbai

cleaning chemical suppliers

The Cleaning chemicals suppliers manufacture the cleaning chemicals which are used in our day-to-day life. These cleaning chemicals help in improving cleaning efficiency that makes offices, industries, hotels, hospitals, schools, malls, etc., and make more hygienic. Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals are 100% natural that does not harm the environment and keeps the Earth safe.

Top 9 Eco-friendly cleaning chemical provider in Mumbai:-


1. Ecochem

Founded: 2018
Headquarters: Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai
Branches: Navi Mumbai and Pune.
Key people: Sarvesh Chawathe

About Company-
Ecochem is one of the prime brands of manufacturing Environment-friendly cleaning chemicals. It provides green, safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous cleaning chemicals to the facility management companies, industries, corporate companies, educational institutes, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, malls, and so on. It offers corporate and industrial cleaning chemicals and disinfectants. These chemicals disinfect spaces and surfaces by ensuring 99.99% germ-free results. Ecochem offers cleaning chemicals that are which are 100% natural and bio-degradable. These Eco-friendly chemicals do not have harmful effects on the ozone layer of Earth. It maintains the better quality of the air and saves mother Earth.


2. Sarvesha products

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Kandivli, Mumbai
Branches: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Key peoples: Yogesh Ahire

About Company-
Sarvesha products are established in 2017, which is the leading manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals in Maharashtra. Sarvesha products are the supplier of the phenyl concentrate or home cleaning chemicals. It offers the superior quality fresh and strong concentrated phenyl, Natural floor cleaner, liquid dish-wash gel, herbal-based hand wash, toilet cleaner, etc.


3. Satol Speciality Cleaner

Founded: 1999
Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Branches: Himachal Pradesh, India.
Key peoples: BhaveshParsana

About Company-
Satol Speciality cleaner is established on 1999, which is specialized in manufacturing eco-friendly and bio-degradable and sanitization cleaning products. Satol Speciality cleaners provide eco-friendly cleaning solution to the Breweries/ Beverage/ Dairy and food processing industries as well as institutions. It also offers laundry care products. Satol Specialty cleaner caters housekeeping products such as floor care, glass care, toilet cleaners, hand care, kitchen care, room care, etc.


4. Groei Enterprises:

Founded: 2019
Headquarter: Thane, Mumbai
Branches: Mumbai, India
Key peoples: Lakshminaravanan. G

About Company-
Groei is a brand new company that offers fore-most household cleaning chemicals as well as industrial and corporate cleaning agents. All the products are resourced from nature. These products are organic and herbal based with no artificial chemicals added. Groei caters high quality and affordable cleaning solutions for healthful life. Groei delivers floor cleaners, hand wash, laundry liquid, all surface cleaners, toilet cleaners, dish wash, herbal based shampoo.


5. Touch and glow green cleaning solution

Founded: 2016
Headquarter: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Key peoples: AbhayKesari

About Company-
Touch and glow green cleaning solution is established in 2016, which manufactures eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. They also provide the best quality of material for the production process. Touch and glow deals in industrial, household, and corporate areas. Touch and glow manufacture concentrated phenyl, floor cleaners, air freshener, laundry chemicals, toilet, and bathroom cleaners, silicon chemical, anti-rust chemicals, hand wash, hand sanitizer, multipurpose cleaner, paint or gum remover, glass cleaner, furniture cleaner, etc.


6. Minitek hygiene makers

Founded: 1979
Headquarter: Andheri, Mumbai
Branches: Mumbai, India
Key peoples: Niyut Desai

About Company-
Minitek hygiene makers are established in 1979 and have an experience of 33 years in this domain. Minitek hygiene makers are the manufacturer, importer, traders, and suppliers. They produce high quality and flawless products by using the latest types of machinery and technologies. They serve in industrial as well as corporate areas. They deliver floor cleaners, hand wash, hand sanitizer, multipurpose cleaner, paint or gum remover, glass cleaner, furniture cleaner, solution for swimming pools, sanitary cubes, deodorizers, etc.


7. Grenove Pvt. Ltd

Founded: 2016
Headquarter: Pune, Maharashtra
Branches: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Key peoples: Girish Avhad and Madhuri Avhad

About Company-
Grenove has introduced eco-friendly, micro-biological and bio-degradable professional cleaning, Sanitization, and disinfection product range. This the organization is established under the seyash group. The main objective of grenove private limited is to spread the eco-friendly and human-friendly cleaning solutions across the country. They supply a variety of cleaning solutions such as bioforce products, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, disinfectants, sanitary care products, glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, industrial cleaners, grease cleaner, tank cleaner, metal and wood polishing products, water treatment cleaning solutions, swimming cleaning products, odour control, personal hygiene products, etc.


8. Elite Industries

Founded: 2002
Headquarter: Thane, Maharashtra
Branches: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Key peoples: Nilesh Kothari

About Company-
Elite industries is established in 2002. The specially caters to industries.  They are manufactures and supplier of Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals of a variety of greasers and lubricants, such as industrial grease, multipurpose grease, dry lubricants, automobile lubricant, graphite grease, synthetic grease fluid, galvanizing spray, cold galvanizing spray, mould cleaners, carbon cleaner, corrosion spray, etc. Elite industries market their wide range under chemilube, kleensol, corrocui .


9. Schevaran

Founded: 1988
Headquarter: Thane, Mumbai
Branches: Bengaluru and Mysore (manufacturing plant)
Key peoples: Sam Cherian and Miriam Cherian

About Company-
Schevaran is the leading company founded in the year 1988, which is the manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, accessories, and types of machinery. They serve in industrial products, homecare products, filmop tools and accessories, cleanfix machines, housekeeping services, etc. They serve 360-degree cleaning solutions. They have 150 types of cleaning chemicals widely used by different businesses all over the country. They create high-quality, environment-friendly products. Homecare eco-friendly products such as floor cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, dishwashing products, etc. There are several types of cleanfix machinery. There is a vast range of which includes alkaline degreasers, organic disinfectants, surface cleaners, carpet cleaner, hand cleaners, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, shinner, etc.


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