Top 10 Facility Management Companies in India

Facility Management Companies in India

Facility Management Companies in India

Facility Management Companies are the solutions to every housekeeping and support services that are required by the various organizations, as they ease their tasks and lets the organization focus on its core business. Keeping the facility clean throughout the day is a big task, and for this company hire a cleaning and housekeeping service from facility management companies, who then provide their best and professional staff to ease your facility cleaning.

The top 10 facility management companies in India are:


1. Quess Corp Ltd:

Founded: 2007
Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Key people: Vijay Sivaram (CEO), Lohit Bhatia (President), Muhan Krishnan (Vice President).

Quess Corp Ltd offers a variety of services to help organizations manage their non-core business activities. Their services include workforce management, operating asset management, and provide global technology solutions. It has India’s largest staffing team, with 250,000 associates. Their vision is to provide a world-class experience to their clients while working towards providing better.


2. Arise Facility Solutions:

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.
Key people: Mr Mangesh Pawar and Mr Sunil Renger (Owners)

Arise Facility Solutions is a professional and superior provider of facility management services. Arise has its branches in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Baroda. Arise facility Solutions delivers services like corporate housekeeping, industrial housekeeping, building cleaning, facade cleaning services, guesthouse management, pantry management, swimming pool management, horticultural services, manpower supply services, and deep cleaning services. Recently, they started their new branch of facility management service in Pune. They serve in various sectors like commercial, residential, and industrial, which include offices, schools, malls, retail stores, restaurants, fitness centres, banks, and household. They also have many other services that they provide efficiently and professionally. Their vision and mission are to provide excellent service and 100% client satisfaction in all aspects of their services to their clients and prospects.


3. AMPS:

Founded: 1999
Headquarter: Bengaluru, India.
Key people: Mr Uday Kumar

AMPS Private Limited is one of the leading companies in facility management services. They have around 300+ clients and over 15 branches in total out of which Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, Pune Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon are the ones. Their services include engineering O&M services, data centre management, fire protection services, soft services, pest control services, infrastructure, and plumbing services and HVAC services.  Their vision is providing such a service that not only meets their client’s expectations but also exceeds them.


4. Compass India Support Services Private Ltd:

Founded: 2011 (Facility Management Service)
Headquarter: Gurugram, Haryana.
Key people: Dinesh Wadehra (CEO), Dev Amritesh (Managing Director)

Compass Group acquired the national player in the facility management industry named Vipul Facility Management Private Ltd based in New Delhi, in the year 2011. They hold a strong presence in India for their business offerings, as they deal with food as well as support services with the vision is to be a world-class provider of food and support services. At the same time, they believe in delivering a superior quality of service for the shared benefit of their customers, shareholders, and employees. They deal with various support services like cleaning services, building maintenance services, security services, business excellence services, and specialized services.


5. EFS Facilities Services:

Founded: 2009
Headquarter: New Delhi
Key people: Satinder Pal Singh (Executive Director)

They believe in excellence, trust, and reliability at an apt cost. They aim to deliver quality facility management services to their clients while focusing on optimum cost savings and measurable end-user satisfaction. They also provide tons of services like facility services that include call centre and help-desk management, life cycle management, etc., and other services like technical operations and maintenance, soft services, project management, and support services, and cleaning services. Its mission is to deliver superior service by engaging stakeholders to build a sustainable enterprise.


6. GSH India:

Founded: 2012 in India
Headquarter: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Key people: Mark Thomas (CEO), Arun Kumaar (Managing Director)

They term their company as ‘Always On’ as it represents their company’s philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation. By this, they also send a message to their clients that they are always ready to serve them. They believe in customization rather than a one-size-fits-all approach so that they can deliver customized and tailored service to their clients. They always aim towards developing and implementing innovative techniques while also invest a lot in technology to maintain their Always On presence. They deliver professional integrated facility management services that are unsurpassed in quality and satisfaction. They provide soft services, project management services, access and security services, managed services, and supply chain management services.


7. OCS India:

Founded: 2011 in India
Headquarter: Thane (West)
Key people: Manoj Parekh (Managing Director)

OCS is another chain of facility management service provider in India. They believe in the change that is changing as per their customers’ needs. They also believe that their values of care, safety, trustworthy and expertise are their DNA. Their journey evolved from a sole trader to a global enterprise serving globally with pride and excellence.  They provide housekeeping, technical and specialist services to their clients, including government and blue-chip companies.


8. Service Master Clean India:

Founded: 2008
Headquarter: New Delhi
Key people: Ravindra Kishore Sinha, Rituraj Kishore Sinha, Shamsher Puri, Arvind Kumar Prasad, Devdas Apte, Dhiraj Singh, and Brajesh Kumar (Directors)

The company is driven by continuous effort in development and innovation as they aim to challenge and transform traditional practices. They perform all their services professionally and efficiently, while all their operations are technology-driven. They promise a high level of productivity by optimal utilization of resources. They provide services like cleaning services, retail management, residential facility management, and also offer airborne and surface disinfection service. They have high-end training centres where the staffs undergo professional training so that they can deliver an excellent and good quality of service to their clients.


9. CLR Facility Services:

Founded: 2002
Headquarter: Pune, Maharashtra.
Key people: Mr R.A. Pathak, Mr Gautam Pathak, Mr Gaurav Pathak, and Mr Jesse Readymoney (Directors)

They are serving 330+ clients since 2001 and are one of the best facility management service providers in India. They believe in the principle “think local and act global,” they are consistent in providing their services while also are the full spectrum of Integrated Facility Management Company. They aim to deliver world-class and professional service to their prospects and clients across India. They provide various services categorized into soft services and hard services, specialized cleaning services, technical services, facility support services, and pharmaceutical services.


10. 3S Facility Management:

Founded: 2015
Headquarter: Mumbai
Key people: Avinash Sundar Poojari, Dhananjay Raghu Shedge (Directors)

3S is one of the top facility management companies in India. Their services include housekeeping, floor cleaning, pest control services, façade cleaning services, horticulture service, pantry management service, technical services, front office management, carpet cleaning, guest house management, and deep cleaning services. Their services are professional while also provide them with the use of the latest technology and quality output. They serve in various sectors like automobiles, banks, IT, real estate, media, hospitals, healthcare, and manufacturing plants with the vision is to be recognized as the world’s most professional facility management team. Its mission is to provide error-free service to its clients while also exceeding their expectations.


All these are the facility management companies that are excellent in providing professional quality services to their clients in India. At the same time, few companies also deliver their services on a global platform. You can choose from these companies mentioned above based on your needs and budget.



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