Top 10 cleaning tips for home

cleaning tips for home
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Cleaning Tips For Home…

Are you obsessed with cleanliness? Then you are in the right place. In this, you will find the top 10 cleaning tips for the home that will help you keep your home clean and tidy. 

Who doesn’t want a clean and mess-free home? Everyone. As we all know, cleaning an entire home is a very tedious and time-consuming task, but at the same time, it is unavoidable. Here are those top 10 cleaning tips for the home that will help you clean an easy task. 

Before starting with the top 10 cleaning tips, let us understand the importance of cleanliness in our life:

Cleanliness is next to godliness; this is what we have always heard. Do you know why such a thing is said about cleanliness? This is because it is said that every clean area is surrounded by god’s positive energy. The more clean and tidy the place is, the more it is filled with positivity and good vibes. After the break out of the worldwide pandemic, cleanliness has taken a completely new turn in everyone’s life. People are becoming aware and are taking precautions to keep their homes, and their selves cleaned and sanitized. It has become essential to follow all the cleaning norms and inculcate cleanliness as our regular habit. 

The top 10 Cleaning Tips for Home are mentioned below:


Tip 1: Magic of Vinegar:

Vinegar is not less than magic used for cleaning. When you add the same proportion of vinegar and water and use this solution for cleaning a clogged area, the results you get will we mesmerizing. Cleaning the water stains on glasses to cleaning the coffee maker vinegar has proven to be a magic cleanser. 

To clean the water stains on your glasses, add the same proportion of vinegar and water, and apply them. After a few minutes, scrub off the dirt with a brush. If you have a clogged washbasin or a shower, then add the same proportion of vinegar and water in a plastic bag and dip the showerhead in it and leave it for an hour. This solution of vinegar and water helps you clean the dirt easily without any hassle. 


Tip 2: Remove scratches from plates easily:

Ever imagined that you will get your plates to look like new and unscratched? Read it here, and you will get to know-how. If you have scratches on your plates, you can get it to look like new with the help of baking soda. Make the paste of baking soda and water & apply on the scratches and rinse it off with water. Baking soda also has cleansing properties that help clean the dirt quickly and effectively.


Tip 3: Get rid of soapy and slippery bathroom:

How do you feel when you enter a bathroom that is slippery and soapy? It would feel messy and irritating as a clean and bacteria-free bathroom is what everyone wants to join. The bathroom floor becomes slippery and soapy after we take a bath, and the soap gets stuck to the surface area, making the floor greasy and slippery. The solution is using bleaching powder on the bathroom surface. 

Bleaching powder has chlorine dioxide in it and smells healthy. To get rid of the greasy and soapy bathroom surface, spread the bleaching powder all over the bathroom area, leave it for an hour, and rinse it off. When you use bleaching powder for cleaning such a greasy surface, there is also no need for scrubbing the floor as bleaching powder quickly pulls out all the dirt and grime from the body and gives a clean and dry. 


Tip 4: Clean your window with the newspaper:

Shiny and lustrous window looks attractive and gives a complete clean look to your home, or may it be your shop or office. A clean and spotless window glasses look impressive and beautiful. When you clean a window, it sometimes leaves streaks behind, which doesn’t look good and completely clean. 

Spray the disinfecting liquid on your window glasses and wipe it with the newspaper. A newspaper does not leave any spots behind, thereby giving you a spotless and glossy window glasses.


Tip 5: Clean your window screens with a dishwashing liquid:

The window screens are different from window glasses. They cannot be cleaned easily the way window glasses can be cleaned. The window screens are made of aluminium and are used to maintain the airflow in the room and protect us from insects from crawling them inside the house. 

These window screens need to be cleaned as it gathers a lot of dust particles on it and to clean it easily, use dishwashing detergent pour it on the window screen, and scrub it off with a scrubber. After scrubbing, rinse it off and let it dry. This is a simple and easy way to clean the window screens without any hassle.


Tip 6: Baking soda for a bacteria-free mattress:

The mattress settles a lot of bacteria and germs on it, and to clean and sanitize it quickly; you can make use of baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and leave it for an hour so that it soaks all the foul odour and bacteria from the bed. And then, after an hour, vacuum the mattress, and you will get a mattress that is free from odour and bacteria. 


Tip 7: Do not clean your Tv screen with wet cloth:

Yes, never clean your tv with a wet or damp cloth as it is seen that many people to clean the tv screen use a damp cloth. Instead of a damp cloth, make use of dry microfiber cloth to clean the tv screen as a microfiber cloth grabs all the dirt and debris settled on the tv screen quickly. A damp or wet cloth will damage the tv screen, and the display might be affected if the water gets into the tv screen. 


Tip 8: The magic of toothpaste:

A toothpaste is nothing less than magic when applied on tarnished silver. Any silverplate or anything made up of silver has been tainted and has become blackish and lost its original silver colour, then use the toothpaste and scrub it off with a brush and rinse it off with water. You can also do the same thing with your silver ornaments to get a sparkling silver look again.


Tip 9: Never forget to dust:

The most important and never to forget cleaning tip for your home is that never forget dusting your home. Brushing every day makes sure there is no dust and debris present on the surfaces. If you wipe your house monthly or weekly, it might become hectic as a lot of dust will be settled on the body, and it will also make the house look dirty and shabby. 

Always keep a habit of dusting every corner and all the furniture and things in the house to give your home a clean and fresh look; and also feels good to touch the surface, having no dust particles present over it. At the same time, it is also believed that godliness is where cleanliness is current. Dusting off the dust and debris also swipes out the negativity from your home.


Tip 10: Deep clean your house: 

Deep cleaning your house helps clean out all the dust and clutter from every corner of the house. Deep cleaning a house means cleaning it without leaving any of the places uncleaned right from the toilet and bathroom to kitchen cabinets. In short, each and everything is cleaned deeply. It would be better if you deep clean your house every week as it will be a burden if you do it every month. 

Another way of deep cleaning is that you can hire a professional deep cleaning service for your home, which would help you in giving a completely clean and a new look at your house. 

Above mentioned are the top 10 cleaning tips for your home, which you can quickly implement and try for the best results. And if you wish to deep clean your house from professional home care or deep cleaning service provider, then Arise Facility Solutions would always be the best and trustworthy choice.

– By Snehal Said


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