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The 7 dirtiest places in your office that requires proper cleaning


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Dirtiest Places in Your Office That Require Proper Cleaning…

We spend most of our time in the office than at home. Have you ever imagined that you would be surrounded by germs and bacteria? In this article, know the seven dirtiest places in your office that require proper cleaning and sanitization.

There are multiple areas in the office that you may come in contact with. It is essential to work in a place, especially where you will be staying for a long time to be cleaned and sanitized correctly.

Cleaning and sanitizing an area helps remove all the bacteria and illnesses, causing germs from coming in contact with people working in the office. The health and safety of employees and staff working in the office are essential. Cleaning and sanitization have taken a very different turn after the breakout of a worldwide pandemic. Everything has been changed; people are living a new everyday life. People are risking their lives and coming out of their houses and have started going to offices.

It is very essential to keep the office clean and sanitized so that employees and other staff feel free to work in a clean and germ-free environment.

Following are the seven dirtiest places in your office that require proper cleaning:

1. Doorknobs and Switchboards:

The most touched area in the office is the doorknobs and switchboards. Several people in the office touch these doorknobs to enter or exit the area in the office. Also, the handles of the drawers are connected thousands of times by different people in the office. While this process of entering and exiting the area, the person touches the doorknobs where the germs and bacteria are present as many people come in contact with them. This may lead to the spread of bacteria and infections.

The switchboards in the office are present in the cabins, behind every system, toilets, and washroom, restrooms, in fact, everywhere. These switchboards, especially those in and around the toilet and washroom areas, have many germs and bacteria on their surfaces.


2. Desktop screen, keyboard, and mouse:

The desktop screen in front of which you sit all day long working in the office has more dust particles and dirt settled on it, so it requires proper dusting and cleaning. The keyboards are used several times a day and also gather a lot of dust particles on them is also the same in the case of a mouse. The mouse comes in contact and may even have germs and dirt on its surface. All these places require proper dusting and sanitizing to stop the further spread of infection.


3. Landlines and mobile phones:

Ever expected this? No, right. These are the small places and things that we usually forget to analyze to have many germs and bacteria on their surfaces. The landlines in the office are touched by many other people, and also due to pollution, the dust might get settled on them. We might ignore such places while cleaning, but they are the dirtiest places in the office that require proper cleaning; otherwise, they will gather dust particles, and also the surfaces can also be settled by germs and bacteria.


4. Touch sensors in the Elevators:

The touch sensors or buttons in the office lifts or elevators are touched thousands of times by the people using the charges. Every time the switches are connected, there happens a human contact. This increases the chances of spreading bacteria and infections through touch. An entire elevator should be cleaned and sanitized every day to stop the spread the of disease and viruses.


5. Files and other stationery:

Files and stationaries are moved continuously and passed from desk to desk and cabins to cabins. They also come in human contacts many times a day, so the files and other stationaries in the office must be dusted and sanitized.


6. The coffee maker and mugs in the pantry:

Yes! The coffee maker in the pantry needs proper cleaning, which helps prevent the formation of any debris or germs in them. Regular cleaning must be performed as the dirty coffee maker may cause health issues to the employees. You can make use of vinegar and water in the same proportion to clean the coffee maker properly.

The mugs in which employees consume drinks like tea or coffee must also be adequately washed as they come in constant contact. You can make use of an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid by Ecochem. They are non-toxic and non-hazardous and also show a significant effect after cleansing. They also have different disinfecting drinks for other cleaning purposes. They also have eco-friendly sanitizing agents that can be used in sanitizing your office daily.


7. The reception area:

The reception area is that place in the office where the outsiders step in first, whether they are your employees, clients, or customers. Many times there can be people who are asked to wait, and so they sit in the reception area waiting for their call. There are lots of visitors who visit the office daily, and so there is an increased risk of settling dust and germs that may spread infections.

The reception area should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. This not only helps in keeping the reception area clean and sanitized but also creates a positive aura in the place hence creating a great impression on the clients and other visitors.

The only solution for keeping all these dirtiest places in the office clean and sanitized is to hire a professional housekeeping service for the office permanently, which would be a great help as they handle all these cleanings and maintenance work in the office. They take all the responsibility of keeping the office well maintained and free from bacteria and infections by cleaning and disinfecting the office environment. They have professional knowledge in handling all these cleaning-related tasks, and also have the best tools and machines that make these tasks even more comfortable, efficient, and fast.

The above-mentioned are the seven dirtiest places in your office that require proper cleaning. So hiring a professional housekeeping service regularly would be the best and most profitable idea. Cleaning and sanitizing the office environment and keeping it away from dirt and germs helps in maintaining the freshness in the office and also helps in keeping the unhealthy climate away.

– By Snehal Said

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