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[ Top 10 ] Best Facility Management Companies in Mumbai


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The facility management companies are a professional management team that focuses on delivering excellent support services efficiently and effectively to the organizations or clients they serve. Facility Management Companies are the solutions to every housekeeping and support service required by the various organizations, as they ease their tasks and let the organization focus on their core business.

10 Best Facility Management Company in Mumbai:

1. Arise Facility Solutions:

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai.
Branches: Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Baroda.
Key people: Mr. Mangesh Pawar and Mr. Sunil Renger.

Arise Facility Solutions is one of the leading integrated facility management company in Mumbai. The company offers various housekeeping and business support services customized per their client’s needs. Arise facility Solutions delivers corporate housekeeping, industrial housekeeping, building cleaning, facade cleaning services, guesthouse management, pantry management, swimming pool management, horticultural services, workforce supply services, and deep cleaning services. Recently, they also started their new branch of facility management service in Pune. They provide services to commercial areas, offices, malls, gyms, schools, hotels, and various other industrial areas. Apart from this, they also have many other services that they provide efficiently and professionally. Their vision and mission are to provide excellent service and 100% client satisfaction in all aspects of their services to their clients and prospects.


2. PSIPL (Property Solutions India Private Limited):

Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Mumbai
Branches: Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Indore.
Key people: Mr. Mofatraj P. Munot and Mr. Parag M. Munot.

They are the second-best facility Management Company in Mumbai and are a renowned part of Kalptaru Group. They are driven to provide their clients with compelling value-based solutions through their comprehensive services. The company offers various services like pest management, facade cleaning, security management, and many more. They have been dedicated to serving their clients with the best solutions for the last 20 years. They aim to deliver excellent outsourcing solutions to their clients and are committed to adding value to their community by enhancing their way of life.


4. MSG Facility:

Founded: 1989
Headquarters: New Delhi
Key people: Mr. Partap Singh Gusain
Branch: Mumbai, Chandigarh, Haryana, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and also there are many other cities where they provide their services.

MSG Facility is a facility management service that helps companies achieve specialization in various areas of business operations. They are also one of the best facility management companies in Mumbai, providing various services to their clients that are professional and cost-effective. They also provide various services like housekeeping, pantry service, support staff service, event cleaning, pest control, and many more; you can check their services from the website mentioned above. Their objective is to ensure zero customer complaints and work towards improvement in all aspects.


4. CLR Facility Services:

Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra.
Branch: Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Indore, Chennai, and New Delhi.
Key people: Mr. R.A. Pathak, Mr. Gautam Pathak, Mr.  Gaurav Pathak, and Mr. Jesse Readymoney. (Directors)

They have been in the industry since 2002, serving 330+ clients. They believe in the principle “think local and act global” they are so consistent in providing their services, and they are the full spectrum of Integrated Facility Management Company. They provide a wide range of services and are categorized into soft and complex services, specialized cleaning, technical, facility support, and pharmaceutical services. They aim to provide world-class and professional service to their prospects and clients across India.


5. AMPS:

Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Bengaluru.
Branch: Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and have branches globally.
Key people: Mr. Uday Kumar

AMPS Private Limited is another leading company in facility management services. They not only have branches in India, but they also serve globally. They have around 300+ clients and over 15 branches in total. Their services include engineering O&M services, data center management, fire protection, soft, pest control, infrastructure, plumbing, and HVAC services. They aim to provide services to their clients in such a way that they exceed their client’s expectations.


6. K.Hospitality:

Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Powai, Mumbai.
Branch: Pune, Belgaum and Mangalore.
Key people: Shri D.K. Shetty (Founder and Managing Director), Smt. Jayanti D.Shetty (Director)

D.K.Hospitality provides services to management staff and laborers (skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled). Its vision is to position itself as the most valued partner in operations and exceed its clients’ expectations. Also, they aim to spread their services across geographic locations to attain growth and success. Their services include catering, housekeeping, guesthouse management, and support and maintenance staff.


7. Equator Property Managers:

Founded: 2001
Headquarters: Bhandup West, Mumbai.
Branch: Bhandup West, Mumbai.
Key people: Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande (Owner),

Equator Property Managers Private Limited is an integrated facility management service provider with a dedicated team of professionals for planning and executing responsibilities. They have categorized their facility management services into 3 parts that include housekeeping services, engineering services (operations and maintenance), and other support services. They are committed to providing quality facility management services to Corporate and Healthcare facilities. Its mission is to provide cost-effective and flexible services to its clients in the long run.


8. Vishal Management Services:

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Goregaon East, Mumbai.
Branch: Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
Key People: Mr. Ashish Mishra. (CEO)

Vishal Management Service is also an integrated facility management company providing various services like car washing, office cleaning, apartment cleaning, renovation, and move-in/move-out service. They have a dedicated and professional staff working under them who are also highly trained and groomed on various services. Every personnel undergoes 30 days of training before they start with the actual job. They are committed to providing excellent customer service as well as 24/7 support to their clients.


9. MIT’s Facility Solutions:

Founded: 2020
Headquarter: Thane West.
Branch: Pune, Bangalore.
Key People: Mr. Shaan Mustaque Choudhary, Mr. Shafique Iqbal Khatri, and Mr. Mohammad Nadir Tanveer Shaikh (Directors)

MIT’s Facility Solutions is serving its clients with professional facility management services and have good performance experience in the industry. They have been in a security agency for the last 25 years. After seeing their quality of services, their clients suggested they start facility management services in 2020 with the clear vision of helping their clients and exploring new markets. Their services include deep cleaning, pantry management, electrician and air conditioning, housekeeping, facade cleaning, and security services.


10. Golden Hospitality Services Private Limited:

Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Andheri, Mumbai
Branch: 15 branches
Key people: Mr.Krishna Narsingrao Pimple, Mr. Sureshkumar Narsingrao Pimple, and Mr. Priyanka Saurabh Chande (Directors)

Golden Hospitality Services is also one of the best facility management service providers in Mumbai. They provide several services to their clients, including general housekeeping, office support, pest control, catering and pantry, gardening, façade cleaning, repair and maintenance, and patient care attendant. Its vision is to be a global entity providing customized, specialized and professional hospitality services to its esteemed clients.


All these are the ten best facility management companies in Mumbai; you can avail of various housekeeping and support services from any facility management company mentioned above per your needs.


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