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List of top 7 Green Corporate Cleaning Chemicals in 2022


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What is Corporate Cleaning?

Anyone who owns a business with premises of any kind needs to keep it clean and safe, just like they do with their home. Whether a business is frequented only by staff or has customers coming in and out all the time, it needs to be a clean and hygienic environment. So it is necessary to maintain excellent standards of cleanliness and safety in businesses such as hotels and restaurants, or others providing a service to the public. 

Corporate cleaning includes cleaning services such as housekeeping for hotels, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, and daily office cleaning tasks, etc. Corporate cleaning is vital to improving the workplace by making it a more productive, pleasant, and comfortable environment to work in.


Benefits Of Green Corporate Cleaning Chemicals 

Eco-Friendly cleaning chemicals are healthier

Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals not only help to make the office shine but also allow us to do so without emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. Regular cleaning chemicals contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These are linked to a range of medical issues, including respiratory issues, allergic reactions, sensitive skin, and headaches. But eco-friendly cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for us as well as for the environment.


  •  Less Waste

One of the top reasons to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products is that they are designed to last much longer than cheap commercial cleaners. When you invest in eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, you are making a commitment to ease your environmental burden. These products are designed to work effectively with just one application. This allows to save money and also cuts back on the amount of waste the office generates.


  • Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Fewer harsh chemicals equal more room to breathe. Instead of filling offices, conference rooms, and lobbies with thick fumes, we can leave these spaces free and clear by using natural cleaning products. Common cleaning chemicals are dangerous to inhale and have faux scents. Eco-friendly products replace that odor with a gentle, natural smell that is pleasant and understated. We can achieve a clean-smelling office that is pleasant for both your employees and guests.


  • They Protect Surfaces

Have you noticed that the wood in your conference room table is starting to turn strange colors? Stainless steel looks cloudy? Or, are the arms of your leather office chairs beginning to peel? This could be a result of the chemicals in the cleaning brand you’re currently using. The use of regular cleaning chemicals makes wooden floors Not only are these toxic chemicals not sustainable and potentially harmful to your health, but they can also strip materials of their protective coverings over time. This can change the texture of those items and even lower their lifespan.

The use of regular cleaning chemicals makes the wood turn strange colors, stainless steel looks cloudy, Or the arms of leather office chairs begin to peel. This can change the texture of those items and even lower their lifespan. Instead, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals protect the surfaces.


  • More Efficient

Eco-friendly products are more efficient than common cleaning products. They do not affect the surface of the material. They are natural and safe to use. When you use green products, you have less to worry about. As they are non-toxic, we can easily use them.

List of top 7 Green Corporate Cleaning Chemicals in 2022 

1) Eco-Green Flo 

Eco-Green Flo is a signature product of Ecochem. It’s designed for all types of floors. The specially formulated Eco-Green Flo not only kills around 99.9% of germs and viruses but also removes tough stains to keep the place clean and healthy. It leaves magical addiction on the user due to its unique fragrance and efficient cleaning performance.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning chemical 
  • Leaves no traces
  • Adds brilliant shine to the floor
  • Kills 99.9% of microbes efficiently
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Efficient cleaning of sensitive surfaces


2) Eco-Green Fresh For Hand Wash

The completely green ingredients of Eco-Green Fresh make it perfect for hand wash and protect you and your family from most illness-causing germs, preventing the transference of germs from your hands. The fragrance and formulation build their unique way along with long-lasting gentle perfumed Herbal Handwash with a moisturizing effect. It is highly recommended for corporate, IT, hotels, hospitals, pharma, institutes, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and schools.

  • 100% organic and herbal
  • Eco-friendly hand wash
  • Provides better protection to keep hands hygienically clean and refreshed
  • Kills germs 99.99%
  • Mild fragrance
  • Moisturizes the skin


3) Eco-Greener For Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cleaner

Eco-Greener is specially made for all the areas, especially the kitchen and pantry area. The formulation of Eco-Greener gives the freedom to the user to use in the kitchen area and the appliances, and cleaning efficiency provides an excellent way to clean oily cooktop, fatty and greasy chimney, greasy exhaust, dusty and oily net of Kitchen’s windows and the whole area. It is highly recommended for corporate, IT, hotels, hospitals, pharma, institutes shopping malls, gymnasiums, and schools.

  • Eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaning chemical
  • Residue-free to leave a brilliant shine
  • Hygienic formula
  • Adds shine to the surfaces
  • Multi-purpose cleansing
  • User-friendly chemical


4) Eco-Glitter Dishwashing Gel

Ecochem has made the work easy with organic chemicals for utensil cleaning named Eco-Glitter. This bio-based cleaning product efficiently fights tough stains and oil from the metal surfaces adding shine to the dishware. The natural fragrance of lemon gives the surfaces a freshness and also helps easy wash oily food stains from the utensils. Eco-Glitter is gentle on the skin, and even one spoon of Eco-Glitter is sufficient to clean a sink full of spoiled utensils. A definite must for the industries related to food and restaurants. Eco-Glitter is a lemon-flavored bio-based product for cleaning or housekeeping that provides a tint of lemon fragrance that fades away foul odors from the dirty utensils.

  • 100% organic
  • No residue formula
  • Eliminates odor
  • Safe on hands
  • Adds shine to utensils


5) Eco-Grenitizer (hand sanitizer)

Eco-Grenitizer is a range of biodegradable chemicals for cleaning that helps to kill hand germs by 99.99% with a mild fragrance. The ingredients involved are natural anti-bacterial plants, herbs, and flowers for fragrance. This hand sanitizer is gentle on the hands and also moisturizes the hand without making them dry. For day-to-day needs, Eco-Grenitizer protects from the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and mold.

  • 100% organic
  • Gentle on hands
  • Moisturizes
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • No residue formula.


6) Eco-Green All For All Types Of Glass Cleaning Cleaner

Eco-Green All is specially designed for the glass, and stainless steel surface. It does not leave anything behind. A unique fragrance, efficient cleaning performance, and disinfectant caliber are the prominent feature of Eco-Green All. It gives a sparkling shine to the glasses. It is highly recommended for corporate, IT, hotels, hospitals, pharma, institutes, shopping malls, gymnasium, and schools.

  • 100% Natural
  • Adds sparkling shine to glasses
  • Soft on hands
  • Disinfects the surfaces
  • Removes stains and dirt
  • Prevents scratches
  • No-residue formula


7) Eco-Green Shine For Toilet Cleaning Cleaner

Eco-Green Shine is designed for sanitary or toilet cleaning purposes, which is harmless for the ceramic surface as well as the user. No acidic fumes, and elegant fragrance makes it super comfortable for the user. It kills 99.9% of microbes efficiently. Eco-Green Shine’s unique quality helps to remove tough stains & lime deposits from the toilet bowl. It is recommended for all commercial, corporate, IT, hotel, hospital, pharma, institute, schools, industries & food processing plants.

  • Safe to use
  • Tough on stains
  • 100% organic
  • Ready to use
  • Odor-free
  • Removes 99.99% Bacteria


By- Prajkta Watekar


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