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List of top CCTV Camera Companies in India


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Given rising customer security awareness, interest in security and surveillance systems is developing across all verticals in India. The Indian market for networked cameras is rapidly expanding as companies, small and medium businesses, and end users see surveillance solutions as a critical requirement. Security product use in the residential sector is also fast expanding.

Here is the List of top CCTV camera companies in India

  1. CP Plus

CP PLUS derives its name from CP PLUS GmbH & Co. KGaA in Hamburg, Germany. The firm attempts to provide efficient and cost-effective security and surveillance systems. CP PLUS provides a diverse product range that enables surveillance solution architects throughout the world to construct robust system designs across several business verticals with no ‘black holes’ or security concerns. According to the most recent IHS Survey, the firm was named one of “Asia’s Top 10 Security & Surveillance Brands.” With a delighted customer base, CP PLUS’ broad portfolio of products and solutions is now monitoring and securing millions of locations around the world in different geographies, tend to range from susceptible defence locations to government facilities to vital infrastructures, transportation, hotels, healthcare facilities, education institutions, and homes.


  1. Zhejiang Dahua

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a global video-centric intelligent IoT solutions and services provider. Dahua Technology provides end-to-end security mechanisms, systems, and services based on technical advances to provide value for urban management, corporate management, and consumers.

Dahua is devoted to offering high-quality solutions and products that leverage cutting-edge technology to help end-users run their businesses successfully. Dahua was the first Chinese business to introduce an 8-channel real-time integrated digital video recorder in 2002. Since then, the firm has continued to invest in developing vital research and development skills for new technologies and innovation.

Dahua is also an international brand that operates in over 100 countries throughout the world. It employs more than 16,000 people worldwide. It was founded in 2001 and released a real-time integrated digital video recorder. It was a fresh breakthrough in the CCTV market at the time. Dahua now offers a wide range of high-quality security-related goods.


  1. Axis Communications

Axis Network Video Solutions is a global industry leader in network video systems. Axis’ products and solutions are based on security surveillance and remote monitoring, built on cutting-edge, open technology platforms. Axis provides intelligent security mechanisms that help to create a more innovative, safer society. The firm constantly launches novel network solutions based on an open platform, providing significant value to clients via a worldwide partner network. Axis maintains long-term partnerships with its partners and offers them expertise and cutting-edge network products in both existing and emerging markets.


  1. Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems in India, a branch of Bosch Limited, offers a diverse array of innovative, high-quality systems and products for security, safety, and communication with intelligent function and modular designs that scale with needs. Bosch Security Systems has a diverse array of innovative systems for surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, access control, fire detection, conferencing, public address and evacuation, and professional sound systems, all of which are aimed at minimizing your total cost of ownership. Bosch can supply a camera for even the most complex applications, with a wide choice of cameras available in analogue and IP types, featuring static and fully functioning pan, tilt, and zoom. Bosch Security provides solutions for every application backed up by a diverse selection of recording and control devices.


  1. Honeywell Video Systems

Honeywell Video Systems is a division of Honeywell Automation, a firm with almost a century of experience in automation, modern sensors, control solutions, and transportation systems. Honeywell is involved in every industry, including homeland security, correctional, retail, gambling, airport security, manufacturing, mobile, financial, and educational applications. It employs nearly 300 engineers. Every year, the corporation invests millions of dollars in research and development.


  1. Hikvision

Hikvision is the world’s primary provider of video surveillance devices and solutions. The firm specializes in video surveillance technology and designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of unique CCTV and video surveillance equipment.

The product line includes cameras, DVRs, and video management software. Hikvision has swiftly risen to the top of the global security sector since its founding in 2001. Hikvision has the world’s largest R&D team and state-of-the-art production facilities, which provide Hikvision’s clients with world-class products created with cutting-edge technology. Hikvision maintains a genuinely global presence by operating over 30 branches nationwide in China and 16 abroad regional subsidiaries throughout the world. Hikvision expands its reach into the smart home tech, factory equipment, and automotive electronics industries to fulfil its long-term objective. Hikvision systems also give end customers valuable business analytics, which may lead to more effective processes and higher commercial success.


  1. Zicom

Zicom pioneered the notion of electronic security in our nation in 1994. With over 27 years of competence and experience, the name Zicom has become associated with the Electronic Security sector in India. They pioneered several industry firsts as pioneers in electronic security systems, including the command and control station, SaaS, PaaS, Citizen Safety Services and many other breakthroughs. They provide a one-of-a-kind selection of products and services to keep companies and residences safe and secure.

They have safeguarded the nation for the past 25 years, and now they are on a goal to safeguard every person with their Safe T Series products – Contactless Temperature Measurement and Alarm System with Access Control and Face Recognition to Aid in Covid 19 management.


  1. Godrej

G&B’s varied footprint spans ten industries, from intricate specialized engineering solutions to branded consumer items such as appliances, furniture, locks, and security devices. G&B has a beneficial influence on the lives of about one-third of India’s people. The company’s goods have also created a significant worldwide reach over 5 continents via overseas operations and joint partnerships.

Godrej Home Cameras allow you to keep a check on everything. Their wireless home cameras are simple to set up and use. You can now keep an eye on your houses with their home security cameras and feel safe. Godrej Home Cameras, which include night vision, motion sensors, and two-way audio, let you monitor everything from your smartphone.

With their wifi cameras for home, you can stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where you are. You may purchase their home cameras online and feel secure while you are gone. These home cameras provide intruder alerts, allowing you to keep an eye on those you care about from afar. Godrej Security Solutions believes in staying ahead of the competition and continually tries to provide its consumers with the finest surveillance home cameras.


  1. TVT

TVT is a 13-year-old Chinese CCTV enterprise with a solid global growth rate. It is a well-known brand that registers in SMEs. TVT has extensive knowledge of chip-level and video compression technologies. TVT’s product was sold in nearly 100 countries.

TVT Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2004, is a rapidly expanding CCTV equipment producer. TVT has evolved into a solution developer and manufacturer, delivering one-of-a-kind products such as full-range DVR and colour cameras, IP cameras, blended DVR/NVR, HD DVR and camera, mobile DVR, and software products such as CMS, cell phone apps, and browser applications.

TVT is dedicated to improving the safety and security of people’s lives and possessions. Customers in over 120 countries have profited from distributing, installing, or utilizing TVT’s dependable CCTV products.


  1. Sony

Sony is a name that requires no introduction. It is a well-known brand that sells a variety of household electronic devices. CCTV is one such electronic surveillance and security device. It is a well-known brand in the realm of electrical devices. Sony’s brand speaks volumes about the quality of its CCTV cameras. Sony has earned the reputation of being a reliable brand. CCTVs add to the value of the brand by providing some of the most desirable characteristics, making it more attractive.

Their CCTV cameras are expandable and cost-effective. It includes a network video surveillance system, as well as network camera and surveillance systems. It uses small dome cameras to monitor and defend offices, workplaces, and public locations. Sony CCTV monitors the premises using fixed analogue cameras. It provides Full HD quality imagery with outstanding clarity. It also has autofocus and zoom, which improves its performance significantly.

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