Importance of advertising research for agencies

Importance of Advertising Research For Agencies

Importance of Advertising Research For Agencies

To run a successful and effective campaign, research is a prominent factor. A well and up to date research leads to successful advertising. The quality of research decides how much the brand will succeed, also it the prominent deciding factor of the brand accomplishments.

The two principal reasons behind doing this are, either improve an existing brand image or establish one. Careful research will give you insights to who the target audience is and how one can engage them. How one can elevate the growth of the brand and what measures can one take to achieve success. The research is in its nascent stage; there will be many alterations, corrections and modifications until it is 100% ready.

Reasons why it is prominent.

Thorough research before anything is important for the following reasons:-

  • Once all the research of the competitor brands and the trends is done, one can then form a concrete strategy and develop creative formulas for the agency.
  • As infinite competitors are serving the same products or services, it is essential to know how to position yourself. Scrutiny thus helps to understand how one should od things.
  • It helps predict the possible risks that are likely to happen.
  • Careful research helps you position yourself in the market. It helps figure where you stand.
  • The chances of failure reduced.

Scope of the research

  • It helps increases awareness, check the risks which are likely to happen. It gives insight to the market and helps in the building of great brand campaigns.
  • Analyzing the market, the changes, and taking proactive measures to sustain the change.
  • Gives insights to the feedback public give to gauge all the possible threats and keep it smooth sailing. All this will result in campaigns which are healthy to be presented and sure success.

Types Of Ad Research

Pre-testing – This involves testing of the ad before it is launched. Pre-testing the ad campaign before it hits the market is essential as marketers get an insight into whether or not this will work. I am necessary as it decides on which points will the business be built. Gauging the effectiveness of the campaign can be done through this. Hence it is very important.

Pre-testing research

Every business begins with some solid ideas. Executing these into reality is never an easy job; it is complex and involves a lot of risks. This is proven that 65% of ideas never see the light as they fail in the creative process. Reaching to your target audience is the main task, and that needs to be accomplished. A detailed study of the brand and target audience can be done through the research. This stage decides whether the idea will be accepted or not. The advertiser gets an insight into what his target audience like and they prefer, helps to know the taste of its prospects and work accordingly. This is a crucial step advertiser must adapt before proceeding with the actual production. Any shortcomings here is an indication of the plan to fail in the future likely. Hence it is important to have this before getting into the tedious process of production. It includes three methods wherein first the concept is tested then the theme and post the copy. Concept testing involves a minute examination of the single idea, the creative plan. It requires communication testing and how powerful is the message. The theme can be the subject matter of the ad.  This involves creating engaging crisp content. This together helps a lot in the process of scrutinizing the brand and making it strong enough to face the competition.

Post – testing research

Any communication is considered to be accomplished post the audience reaction. After watching how the prospects react to it and whether or not they like it, one can decide its success. Once the customer feedback is received the success of the brand can be gauged. Careful research is undertaken to measure the effectiveness of the brand and its awareness. How well people recall it will determine the success of it. This will eventually determine its effectiveness and test the waters.

Tracking o this process is equally important and is done in multiple ways:-

Inquiry – This is fieldwork. The consumers are given forms and coupons to get brand-related information. This helps the advertisers get an insight into brand awareness.

Recall tests – The customers are asked to share their brand memories, what they can recollect about the brand.

Sales test – This is a direct method once the campaign starts. It is a straightforward calculation of the sales tracked after the product hits the market.

These are some advantages and benefits why one must consider research both post and before the campaign is run.


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