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List of Top Import Export Companies in India


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The world of import and export now centres around the internet. Finding buyers and possible suppliers and connecting with agents is a breeze, thanks to the internet. A single platform has connected us all across the world through social media, the internet, and trade platforms. Furthermore, international exhibits held worldwide are broadening the reach of product makers, distributors, retailers, and purchasers. These shows are worth a lot of money and assist other nations in increasing their commercial visibility.

India has grown in popularity as a source of imports. It is in the top twenty exporting countries in the world and is a world leader in a variety of products like coffee, tea, spices, and certain gemstones. Exports are critical to a country’s overall economic prosperity as well as global trade. In the current age of globalisation, the majority of the world’s leading economies are also significant exporters. A country’s export and import activity significantly impact GDP, the exchange rate, the degree of inflation, and interest rates. The flow of capital is frequently more vital when a country purchases more than it exports, although this also relies on the items.

Simply put, when a country imports enormous amounts, the trade balance is distorted, and the currency devalues. This has the potential to have a significant influence on the country’s economy.


Top Import Export Companies in India

  1. Geniemode

Geniemode is developing a comprehensive online platform solution for worldwide customers ranging from mom-and-pop shops to multinational conglomerates. This next-generation tech-based sourcing and supply chain organisation serves global demands via an ample Indian supply.

Their objective is to allow a smooth buying experience for local/global customers, boosting the proportion of “Made in India” globally by using the potential of digital technology for gathering local/global suppliers and controlling all areas of supply chain management. It makes $320,000 each year. It was established in 2021. Geniemode is an import and export specialist.


  1. Agkem Impex Private Limited

Precision machining processes are used to produce a high-quality assortment of Brush Motors, Steel Burs, and Saw Blades. They have created innovative business models that enable them to anticipate the most exacting client requirements for advancing a finely finished, accurately fabricated product line that is widely regarded for its resistance to corrosion, durability, low maintenance requirements, and competitive price bands.

Their vast subject experience and cutting-edge production methods enabled us to develop successful ties with a large client base in the automotive and heavy sectors. Their goal of being a trusted name in the market holds us accountable for increasing our proficiency levels via the use of modern technology. The team works hard to exceed the client’s expectations by providing each product in its purest form within the deadline.


  1. Victoria International

Victoria International has upheld its reputation as an excellent top International Trader of High Fashioned Handcraft items, with a network of manufacturing plants and outlets in the Indian and international markets. Victoria International has been present in the local market since 1980. Their name and recognition as an exporter of a wide range of premium items of high quality at affordable prices and on-time delivery are based on a robust infrastructure and a network of trained artisans spread across the country.

Their manufacturing units specialise in the design and production of high-end jewellery, ladies’ fashion apparels, leather accessories, leather bags, scarves and stoles, crafted home décors, herbal beauty products, hammocks, a variety of carpets, and other Indian handicrafts from highly skilled artisans.


  1. Jaipur Rugs India

Jaipur Rugs is a family company founded on the essential principle of passing down ancestral knowledge and linking rural handicrafts with global consumers to promote compassion and benefit all stakeholders. It employs the age-old craft of handmade carpets to offer wealth to 40,000 rural artisans, the majority of whom are women. They make the most distinct and high-quality designs while also capturing the bounties of the impoverished, such as craftsmen and their families. This blessing stems from their dedication and hard work, as they are given a chance to increase their wealth, self-worth, and pride—all of which are then transformed into our products. As a consequence, Jaipur Rugs customers will receive the most gorgeous, high-quality rugs.


  1. Shabana Exports and Imports

Jute Baskets, Jute Bags, Jute Rugs, Carpets & Mats, Round Jute Baskets, cotton rope baskets & backpacks, beach towels & pareos, clothes, bags, scarves & shawls, bed & bath items, home furnishing products, fashion items, footwear, Turkish Fouta towels & round towels, mandalas & far more are available from Shabana Exim.

For the past 30 years, they have been a well-known producer, exporter, and supplier. A contemporary infrastructure fully equipped with all of the essential capabilities allows us to make these high-quality products. Aside from ethical business practices, the remarkable attributes of their products, including colour fastness, shrink resistance, and perfect designs and patterns, have helped us win respect from clients worldwide.


  1. Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd.

Eastman Cast & Forge Ltd. has been producing high-quality tools since 1989. With its 44000 square yard area, the firm benefits from economies of scale; it’s annual manufacturing capacity exceeds 24 million tools. They pass on these advantages to customers through low pricing and a promise of complaint-free and on-time delivery (C-DOT). The manufacturing facilities contain world-class machinery that is uncommon in Indian engineering businesses. Their product creation process is centred on a solid concentration on research, designing, engineering, quality testing, packing, and ultimately merchandising, with a strong focus on manufacturing excellence every time. As a result, their goods meet significant international quality requirements, and we successfully ship to 40+ countries worldwide, including the United States, Russia, Europe, the South East, and the Middle East.


  1. Designco India

Designco is one of India’s fastest-growing handicraft export companies, giving consumers a wide range of materials and finishes, including wood, glass, metal, and stone. At Designco, we deliver intelligent, one-stop-shop solutions to satisfy our customer’s demands and assist in building a platter of offers from which they may pick. Our worldwide team of designers and trend experts work every day to guarantee that our goods are up to date with the current trends and meet global compliance standards. We have well-developed infrastructure and support systems, as well as backward integration procedures, the commissioning of a number of machines, and the improvement of human resources quality through skill-development programmes.


  1. Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Shahi is India’s biggest garment maker and exporter, with 65 cutting-edge production plants and three textile mills spread over ten Indian states. Our highly integrated operations, diverse product variety, and strong dedication to sustainable operations have positioned Shahi as one of the world’s most favoured garment manufacturers, delivering items throughout ladies’, men’s, and children’s clothing.

Shahi is a people-focused company that promotes and advances ethical working standards throughout the industry. They are also devoted to reducing their environmental impact across all of their businesses. They have diverse recognitions and certifications and are delighted to be a reliable supplier to several of the world’s largest garment shops.


  1. Vaatika Spices Pvt. Ltd.

Vaatika Spices LLP, founded in 2016, is well-known for its unrivalled performance as a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Importer of high-quality Urad Dal, Organic Jaggery Powder, Wooden Cold Pressed Oil, Parboiled Rice, and other products. They think regulating and sustaining quality is never a mistake; instead, it is the consequence of significant effort, experience, honest aim, careful direction, and flawless execution. Their culinary spices are noted for their tremendous and high utilitarian worth since they are made from the highest quality condiments. They are the purest and are hence used in bakery items, restaurants, and hotels. Furthermore, the items are offered in various grades and packaging to meet clients’ diverse needs.

The company has gained an enviable position with several honours and client appreciation. Professionals’ devotion and in-depth knowledge have aided them in the formulation of perfumes, scents, flavours, and chemicals. Their items are of excellent quality. For the customer’s convenience, they fully grasp their requirements and recommend formulas that are appropriate for their purpose.


  1. Jatalia Global Ventures Ltd.

As a significant trade facilitator, Jatalia Global Ventures Limited inspires trust by providing value to the end user while creating chances for all their colleagues, including partners, suppliers, principals, consumers, and society.

With a worldwide reach and a presence across India, JGVL provides its partners with an unrivalled platform for dynamic markets and goods. JGVL seeks possibilities through coordinating trade and commercial activity and capitalising on new markets.

With over two decades of international trade expertise, JGVL provides value throughout the supply and demand chain, adopting best trade practices to maximise profits. They provide the most incredible goods and services by investing in excellence.


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