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Logistic Companies in India


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Logistic companies are in charge of organizing, managing, storing, and transporting commodities from the producer to the consumer. In business terms, it is an efficient mechanism that allows for the cost-effective transit and storage of commodities from manufacturer to buyer.

They handle the majority of internet firms’ logistics and delivery operations. After an order has been placed, logistics partners manage the order’s manifestation, creation of airway bills, and pick up and transportation to the consumer. Businesses may also depend on them for inventory storage before and after an order is received.

Depending on the industry in which your Company works, you may find it much easier to rely on numerous logistics suppliers or those who provide more specialist services as your company expands. That is why it is critical to understand the finest logistics companies in India and how to choose the best one for your organization. Your logistics partner may make or destroy your Company, determining how you will prosper and flourish. The following list of the top ten logistic businesses in India will assist you in selecting one and shaping your Company’s growth.

List of top Logistic Companies in India

  1. Allcargo Logistics Ltd.

Allcargo Logistics Ltd was rooted in 1993 and is based in Mumbai. It is one of India’s top ten logistics firms. It provides multimodal transportation services. Avvashya Group owns this prominent logistics company. It provides various multimodal transport services such as less than container load, non-vessel-operating common carrier, and full container load. It is one of India’s top ten logistics firms. It also provides container freight stations around India, third-party logistics, inland container depots, ship ownership, warehousing, and chartering. Across more than 300 offices, the corporation works in more than 160 countries.


  1. Aegis Logistics Ltd. 

Aegis Logistics Ltd was established in 1956. The firm offers logistics and supply chain services to the oil, gas, and chemical industries. In the oil, gas, and chemicals industries, the firm transports liquefied petroleum gas and provides logistics and terminating services in various sectors like oil, gas, and others. In addition, the Company manufactures and sells oleochemicals and kerosene oil, as well as provides chemical storage facilities. Storage facilities are available in Mumbai, Haldia, Pipavav, Kochi, Kandla, and Mangalore. Liquid Terminal Division and Gas Terminal Division are two of their parts. The Liquid Terminal Division is responsible for oil and chemical product storage and termination. It’s Gas Terminal Division is concerned with importing, storing, and transporting petroleum products such as LPG and propane. It sells LPG in the form of cylinders.


  1. Container Corporation of India Ltd.

Container Corporation of India was rooted in 1988 and is based in New Delhi. The Company is involved in container transportation (rail and road) and container handling. The Company also operates logistical infrastructure such as dry ports, container freight stations, and private freight terminals. It has two divisions: EXIM and Domestic. The Company’s EXIM and Domestic segments are involved in handling, shipping, and warehousing activities. Its international operations include rail, road, air freight, reefer, and round-trip block booking. Train services, a volume discount plan, door shipment, and terminal handling costs are among its domestic offerings. The organization is ranked among the top ten logistics firms in India.


  1. Apollo LogiSolutions Ltd.

Apollo LogiSolutions was created in 2009 and is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The firm provides Integrated Logistics solutions and is a 90% part of Apollo International Ltd. Through its extensive worldwide network distributed across many sites; the Company offers end-to-end integrated logistics services. It provides dry ports, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, port clearance, customs processing, freight forwarding, bonded warehouses, warehousing, third-party logistics, and first and last-mile connectivity. The firm has a worldwide network that spans more than 100 nations. It also has a massive foothold in the integrated logistics area, with a particular emphasis on transferring EXIM goods. It is one of India’s top ten logistics firms.


  1. Blue Dart Logistics Services

BlueDart is another worldwide carrier with a vast network of resources both in India and overseas. Blue Dart Express Ltd. is an Indian logistics firm in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tushar Jani founded the business in 1983. Blue Dart Express services approximately 36,000 pin codes in India and more than 225 countries worldwide. They provide several payment methods that integrate services. Through planned and slot-based delivery, you may provide clients the choice of picking their desired delivery day and time. The Blue Dart API may also be used to request specific services such as automatic and computerized confirmation for delivery updates or weather-resistant shipping packaging. They accept cash-on-delivery, online payment (both prepaid and postpaid), and a variety of wallet alternatives for delivery payments.


  1. Delhivery Ecommerce Logistics

Delhivery is an Indian logistics firm that is one of the largest and most well-known in the country. Delhivery was founded in May 2011 in Gurugram, Haryana, India, and offers various services such as last-mile delivery, third-party and transit storage, reverse logistics, payment collecting, vendor-to-warehouse, vendor-to-customer shipping, and more. They manage logistics for over 7,500 e-commerce enterprises in India. They are known for their on-demand delivery, including next-day, same-day, and scheduled deliveries. In addition, Delhivery offers Cash on Delivery services and reverse and exchange logistics. They can handle a more extensive range of commodities, including dangerous, high-value, and heavyweight objects. The Delhivery API integration speeds up order selecting, packaging, shipping label production, and delivery.


  1. Maheshwari Logistics Ltd.

Maheshwari Logistics Ltd was established in 2006 in Valsad, Gujarat. It is one of India’s top ten logistics firms. The Company has a network of more than 60 vehicles and has third-party relationships with over 1,000 trucks. It transports freight and passengers by road, rail, air, and waterways. Maheshwari Logistical Limited provides logistics services, supplies non-coking coal, manufactures kraft paper, and trades in other papers. The firm provides full truckload logistics service to big and medium-sized businesses across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh, where they serve industries like cement, paper, textiles, and fertilizers. Logistics Ltd. is a Maheshwari and Kabra Group business.


  1. Mahindra Logistics Ltd.

Mahindra Logistics was created in 2000 and is headquartered in Mumbai. The Company offers both internal and external clients logistical services. Outbound and inbound logistics, inter-plant transfer, warehousing, linefeed, and other services are available. It also provides People Transport Solutions, a branch of business that provides enterprises with tailored services for transporting personnel from home to work and return. Mahindra Logistics is a company owned by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. MLL offers complete third-party supply chain and people mobility solutions to businesses in a wide range of sectors. They specialize in providing organizations with supply chain solutions by combining the appropriate technology, processes, people, and best practices. It is one of India’s top ten logistics firms. The Mahindra People Transport Solutions segment of the Company assures on-time pickups and drops while focusing on safety, comfort, and security.


  1. FedEx Logistics Firm

FedEx established itself worldwide before expanding its logistical services to eCommerce companies. FedEx is well-equipped with qualified staff and top-tier shipping services to handle high-value materials, large or light products, and even risky commodities such as dry ice and lithium batteries. They also assist with customs clearance for interstate and cross-border goods. The FedEx API may be integrated into your company systems to enable worldwide deliveries to over 200 countries while keeping clients up to date on the progress of their orders in real-time. Many more excellent capabilities, such as returns management and expedited delivery, are documented in the FedEx API documentation. The FedEx API documentation is a good resource for learning how to integrate FedEx within your existing systems and software. The corporate image is well-known on a global scale. FedEx is quickly considered by consumers when it comes to supply demands. FedEx’s brand awareness has grown over the years due to its consistent reliability. They have a wide range of services that have grown due to strategic investments. FedEx’s vast range enables them to continually target emerging customer groups and address the demands of these sectors.


  1. Safexpress Pvt. Ltd.

Safexpress Pvt Ltd began its operations in 1997. Customers benefit from the Company’s logiCompany’smpetence. The firm covers various supply chain services, such as 3PL, consulting, and express distribution. It is one of India’s top ten courier firms. It provides services to many industry sectors such as E-commerce, FMCG and Consumer Electronics, Institutional, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Publishing, Vehicle, Electrical, Engineering Hardware, and so on. Safexpress reaches every square inch of India with its Largest Workforce of 7500+ GPS-enabled vehicles and the Fastest Network of 1131 planned destinations. The organization runs on 1720 routes and delivers 100 million items to over 5000 corporate clients across India each year. Safexpress provides Third Party Logistics solutions from design to implementation and operation of the whole Supply Chain. By decreasing costs and optimizing delivery timetables, these solutions enable firms to concentrate on their core skills.


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