Top 15 Profitable Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Profitable Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Profitable Food Business Ideas

India is the 2nd largest food producer in the world. The food industry has multiple choices and ideas that can be worked on. If planning to initiate a low budget, profitable business, the food industry is the best one to get started with. The demand for this is forever increasing. There is definite success in this industry and surely a great way to start.

The government has also introduced some schemes, especially for the females to help industries initiate their business in the food sector. Focusing on female entrepreneurship, this government initiative is excellent. If you are thinking about to start a business in the food industry, we have some ideas which will access you to grow.

Top 15 Profitable Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

1. Fruit Juice Processing

With increasing attention on healthy lifestyle,   people are moving towards healthy product supplements. This can be an opportunity you may want to seek. Fruit juices have a good market in India. Packaged, healthy, pure, with 0% preservatives juices can be the right thing to manufacture and produce.

2. Bakery

Bakery products in India have high demand, also throughout the globe. It has an enormous scope. The best part of a bakery is one can produce a different variety of eatables and sell it under one roof. It can be cookies, biscuits, bread, etc.

3. Banana Wafers

An all-time favourite, banana wafers, healthy evening snack liked by people of all age group. It doesn’t require many products also natural to make.

4. Biryani Centre

Biryani is the most loved main course dish; people on all occasions prefer biryani.It is made using some rich spices and involves some steps in the making. One can make en number of flavours like of Prawns, Veggies, Chicken, and many more.

5. Cake Shop

If you’re someone who enjoys baking, cake shop would be a perfect initiative. This anyway has a high demand throughout the year. An individual can quickly start this business with not many human resources.

6. Chocolate Making

If you are someone who loves cooking, then one must go for it. In India, there is a high demand for confectionery, especially chocolates. Creative, and appealing packaging with some ad on to it does the job.

7. Fast Food Chain

Fast Foods is one of the most popular and best options in today’s date. Considering the busy world and hectic lifestyles of people, this has excellent scope. You may start a chain of any dish, or can keep a variety as per your budget.

8. Coffee Shop

This is seen as an emerging business in India. A lot of existing brands are operating well; this proves that this particular option is really great. You can open one by taking a franchise or one in partnership. Depends on what budget and plan you have.

9. Cookie Business 

Someone who enjoys baking and is a health-conscious can use this talent to give people health with taste. As emerging India is very health conscious. This can be a great business option.

10. Food Truck

Another fastest-growing food on wheels concept, a food truck. This is a prevalent concept which is growing fast, providing several tasty dishes at an affordable price and good quality.

11. Ginger Garlic Paste

This is very popular, especially in the Indian market. Used in almost all the houses. One of the products our mothers use at all times. Easy to make with just a few essential products and an enormous scope of selling.

12. Pickles

Pickles are a traditional food item in India since ages. It can be found in almost all the houses here. People in abroad love Indian pickles and therefore have a high demand for the same in the outer regions of India.

13. Papad

The thin crusty roasted, fried food goes well with the Indian cuisine. It’s consumed every next door. This is one of the convenient foods to manufacture. The recipe is simple with some minimal ingredients such as wheat flour, oil, spices.

14. Noodles

Noodles, especially the instant ones, are very much in demand. This is a popular snack in urban as well as rural India. The manufacturing of this is straightforward and can be made with simple products like wheat flour, oil, sugar, starch, spices, vegetable oils, etc. Noodle machines with the semi-automatic system are available in the market and pretty much do its job—investment for this range up to Rs 50,000 – 1 lakh.

15. Coconut hair oils

In this age of impurities and fake products, people have interestingly shifted focus from fancy to natural products with 100% natural ingredients. Therefore starting a new product line of virgin coconut oils is the best one can start.


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