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Top 10 AgriTech Startups in India Helping Farmers


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List of Top 10 AgriTech Startups in India helping Farmers

Agrotechnology, often known as agricultural technology, is the use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture in order to enhance productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Farm products, systems, or apps that improve different input/output processes are referred to as agricultural technology. India’s agricultural revolution is being driven by the increasing use of deep-tech solutions. Entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, governments, and, most significantly, farmers have all taken note of the growing agritech field.

Agriculture is the principal source of revenue for India, which has 118.7 million farmers, accounting for over half of its population. However, in India, the application of technology in agriculture has been restricted. As a result, India’s agriculture industry contributes just 17-18% of its GDP. However, in recent years, India has seen an increase in the number of AgriTech businesses that are not only making technology more available but also assisting these farmers in improving their lives. Today, we’ll look at the top ten AgriTech businesses that are assisting Indian farmers.


  1. Ninjacart

Ninjacart was founded in June 2015 by Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Kartheeswaran K K, Ashutosh Vikram, Sharath Loganathan, and Vasudevan Chinnathambi as a B2C hyperlocal food delivery service. It was developed into a B2B agritech firm to tackle the problem of fresh agriculture products supply chain for farmers and merchants. Ninjacart has so far received $164.2 million in funding from Tiger Global Management, Accel, Qualcomm Ventures, and Steadview Capital.

Retailers and catering institutions may order high-graded vegetables and fruits using the Ninjacart app. Ninjacart provides a broad choice of veggies and fruits that are handled hygienically in crates supplied from farms around the country. Ninjacart offers the most competitive pricing on the market, allowing you to expand your profit margins. You may also use the app to avail yourself of discounts on your orders.


  1. Waycool

WayCool is a B2B agritech platform that leverages technology to handle the whole agricultural supply chain, including farming inputs to last-mile distribution, in order to assist farmers in selling their goods through different distribution channels. Waycool, an agri-tech company, processes, distributes, and procures fresh produce, dairy products, and necessities. WayCool is at the forefront of technology in India, from innovative quality control and food safety technologies to assisting farmers in increasing their earnings. It enhances logistics and distribution services via the use of technology and innovation. Waycool provides farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items to local stores and modern retail locations.

They have a retail business in Chennai, where they run SunnyBee retail sites, mobility stores on trucks, and e-commerce. WayCool creates direct links between farmers and customers by combining physical and information technology. Their ambition is to grow into the world’s greatest food development and distribution company while also improving the lives of Indian farmers. WayCool was developed in Chennai, India, by Karthick Jayraman and Sanjay Dasari.


  1. Agrostar

Shardul and Sitanshu Sheth founded AgroStar, an online market for farmers to purchase agricultural products, in 2013. Farmers may also benefit from this agritech startup’s real-time professional crop maintenance and productivity guidance. AgroStar has won a $42 million grant.

AgroStar is India’s foremost AgTech startup, with the goal of #HelpingFarmersWin by providing farmers with a broad range of agricultural solutions. AgroStar’s top agriculture application combines agronomy advice from Agri doctors/experts with agriculture knowledge and Agri goods to assist farmers in substantially increasing their productivity and profitability. AgroStar’s technological platform integrates agronomy advice with service and Agri input products to significantly boost farmers’ production and profitability.

They mix a significant amount of data, technology, and agronomy knowledge to deliver the finest solutions to Indian farmers. AgroStar’s digital platform presently serves over 5 lakh farmers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. They expect to continue adding value to farmers over the next five years by bringing a diverse range of inputs to their customer’s doorstep, offering world-class agronomy knowledge, and giving access to market connections and financing.


  1. Dehaat

DeHaat is one of India’s fastest-growing Agri Tech companies, as well as one of the few that provides end-to-end agricultural solutions and services. They are creating AI-enabled technologies to improve the supply chain and productivity improvement in the agricultural industry. DeHaat now serves 650,000 farmers in Bihar, UP, Odisha, and West Bengal, intending to reach 5 million farmers by 2024. The firm, which operates a farmer hotline, also has an Android app with the same name that is accessible in various languages. DeHaat pledges to assist approximately 650,000 farmers in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha. Its website lists over 850 distinct agribusinesses.


  1. Stellapps

Stellapp’s IoT-based SmartMoo technique enables dairy farmers and cooperatives to maximize revenues by digitizing and optimizing Milk Procurement & Coldchain Management. Stellapps develops dairy management software programs that leverage technology to enhance the dairy supply chain’s features. The applications combine IoT, big data, cloud, mobile, and data analytics to optimize agri-supply chain characteristics such as milk production, milk procurement, cold chain animal protection, and farmer payments, helping dairy farms, dairy farmers, and cooperatives to maximize revenues while reducing work.

Stellapps is the first startup in India to digitalize the dairy supply chain. The primary objective of Stellapps is data collection and machine learning. Milk is the major crop on the planet.


  1. Bijak

Bijak, created in 2019 by Nikhil Tripathi, Daya Rai, Jitender Bedwal, Mahesh Jakhotia, and Nukul Upadhye, assists dealers and wholesalers in growing their companies by allowing them to identify new suppliers, record ledgers, make payments, and get working capital via its app.

Bijak is a B2B agricultural commodity marketplace that offers buyers and sellers better pricing, greater cash flow, and more handling system. Bijak is an Indian agricultural B2B trading platform that enables dealers, wholesalers, and food processors to trace their transactions, receive transparent pricing, improve logistics, and decrease working capital cycles.


  1. CropinTechnology

CropIn is a well-known AI and data-driven agritech startup that provides SaaS solutions to agricultural producers all over the world. CropIn’s one-of-a-kind solution package enabled different agro-ecosystem partners to adopt and drive digital transformation strategies across their businesses.

CropIn connects all of these stakeholders at various levels of the agriculture ecosystem, allowing clients to understand and evaluate data in real-time to derive actionable insights on standing crops using cutting-edge technology such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing. As a consequence, organizations may leverage technology to accelerate digitization, reliability, compliance, sustainability, and traceability.

CropIn is a SaaS-based solutions platform that assists agribusinesses in increasing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Its technology offers real-time meteorological data, farm activity control, and crop production estimates to decrease risk and boost yield. CropIn adds value to agri-businesses by increasing efficiency, scaling output, and boosting overall sustainability in order to “maximize per acre value” and to “make every farm traceable.”


  1. EM3 AgriServices

Rohtash Mal and his son Adwitya Mal created EM3 AgriServices in 2013 to allow small farmers who cannot afford to buy pricey modern agriculture to rent specialty gadgets to boost productivity at a lesser cost. It does this through the use of Samadhan, an agriculture platform that comprises an app, genuine contact centers, and human agents that interact with the company’s primarily offline customer base.

Throughout the agricultural production cycle, each center may handle a full suite of primary and precision farm activities, comprising soil preparation, sowing, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest farming techniques. Farmers may instantly contact EM3 to schedule services, track agricultural work, and conduct all transactions using Samadhan. EM3 is growing into new Indian regions and has forged alliances with local governments as well as leading Indian and foreign equipment manufacturers.


  1. Intello Labs

Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah, and Devendra Chandani formed Intello Labs in 2016. Intello Track, Intello Sort, Intello Pack, and Intello Deep are digital tools that employ computer vision and deep learning to aid farmers, merchants, and exporters in assessing the quality of their fruits and vegetables.

Intello Labs has created digital systems that monitor and assess the quality of fruits and vegetables using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as computer vision and deep learning. The firm is to be the de-facto excellence system for trade, procurement, classification, pricing, traceability, and marketing throughout the fruits and vegetable value chain.


  1. Aibono

Aibono, launched in 2014 by Vivek Rajkumar, is recognized for inventing the seed-to-plate approach. It helps farmers increase agricultural output while simultaneously selling the commodity to retailers. The firm collects farm data via soil sensors, IoT devices, and imaging drones and sends it to its cloud platform, which uses predictive analytics to help farmers make better agricultural decisions. Aibono has won a $3.5 million grant.

Aibono, India’s first AI-powered fresh produce aggregator, is transforming the $250 billion fruits and vegetable chain with its innovative Seed-to-PlateTM platform. By providing specific ideas in the form of AI and deciding to share farm intelligence about what to produce and how to produce it, communities of farmers can achieve two times the yield, twice the income, and less than half the waste as before, while also empowering businesses and consumers to supply super fresh farm produce all year on a traceable aggregated basis.


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