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Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies In India 2023


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As technology advances and new gadgets are added to the cyber world on a daily basis, security has become a significant worry for both consumers and businesses. Cyber thieves can harm and access if a device or network is not adequately safeguarded. According to projections, cybercrime losses would exceed $ 10.5 trillion by 2025. Businesses are particularly at risk of cybercrime because they are prominent data collectors and repositories.

Cyber Security is a collection of approaches used to safeguard internet-connected systems. It has the ability to isolate computers, networks, software, and data. Cyber-attacks are carried out in order to gain unauthorized access, disrupt or destroy data, or scam people of their money.

Cyber Security enables all institutions and people to safeguard their networks and data from unauthorized access. According to a FireEye study, the global population spends more than $75 billion on cybersecurity. This is due to the year-on-year increase in the number of cyber-attack events. Cyber security not only safeguards systems and data from attacks but also provides numerous other benefits, such as better productivity, increased client trust, customer protection, and reduced possibilities of your website going down.


Top 10 Cybersecurity Companies


  1. CyRAACS

CyRAACS is a CERT-In accredited cybersecurity firm with expertise in cybersecurity, data protection, and risk management. The business began its journey in 2017 when the cybersecurity consulting industry was dominated by boutique consulting firms or large I.T. services organizations that offered cybersecurity consulting as an add-on service.

Since its inception, CyRAACS has been one of the few companies in India providing only cybersecurity consulting and advisory services, focusing on the Medium-to-Large enterprise category, and is projected to be a respectable contender.

CyRAACS cybersecurity provides a comprehensive set of services for Governance, Risk, and Compliance. They also provide Technical Services in specialized fields such as Advanced Application Security Testing, Cyber Security Audits, Red Team Assessments, Cyber Forensics, Security Architecture Review, and so on. Managed Security Services, like CISO Services, and a la carte access to all overhead services under a Managed Services model are also enabled.


  1. Cyber Ops Infosec LLP

Cyber Ops is one of the most significant cybersecurity organizations, offering cutting-edge digital alteration, technological development, and skilled set-up for successful cyber-attack prevention. Cyber operations strive to secure digital Cyberspace while providing clients with a more efficient, rapid, and gratifying experience. Cyber operations have been making noise to oversee expertise and a worldwide presence in data security and criminal investigation.

Cyber Ops is considered India’s premier organization in the field of information security. Cyberattacks have become more vulnerable as technology has advanced, and business ecosystems have become more integrated. They offer a wide range of products and services to secure Cyberspace digitally.

They also continue to have an influence on our understanding of data security and the breadth of our global presence in those domains. They encourage certified information security training, provide penetration testing for security audits, and assist with cybercrime investigations to fulfil the needs of many businesses. Cyber operations seek to protect digital Cyberspace by providing consumers with a more productive, agile, and improved experience. Cyber operations have been formed to supervise competence and a worldwide presence in data security and cybercrime investigation.


  1. AVG India

AVG has been in the security industry for more than 20 years and has effectively combated cybercrime. They provide services for identifying and preventing all types of cybercrime. AVG, as a security explorer, offers a comprehensive range of security features as well as consumer and commercial absolute privacy options. They are now a member of the world-renowned Avast family of digital security products dedicated to safeguarding people’s safety worldwide. They provide customers with privacy, solutions, and business knowledge. They are now part of the avast family of world-leading digital security technologies dedicated to keeping people secure all around the world.


  1. Indian Cyber Security Systems

Through its skill solution package of cyber security audit & assurance, I.T. service supervision, business technology advisory, and data security, Indian Cyber Security Solutions guarantees to provide an all-around barrier against data theft, security breaches, hacking, network vulnerability, virus attacks, system concession, frauds, and many other things. It also builds B2C partnerships through its talented, competent, and energetic personnel by delivering solution packages and establishing a long-standing service system.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is a global organization that provides technology-organized risk management and cyber security solutions. ICSS was created in 2013, and by this time, it had gained a lot of traction and had risen to the top of the list of essential businesses in this field.


  1. Hicube Infosec Pvt. Ltd.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in India’s interconnected corporate ecosystems. Hicube offers excellent goods and services that are one-of-a-kind and specialized. Hicube has offered the best services to its clients in India, and the firm is increasing its worldwide reach in the fields of data security and cybercrime investigation. Hicube provides information security training courses delivered by specialists with years of experience. Hicube also provides penetration testing and cybercrime investigation services based on their client’s needs.

The approach to service delivery is based on best practices principles, which enable enterprises, institutions, and individuals to deploy practical and effective technologies. To keep up with the changing rate of Cyberspace, the Hicube team undertakes extensive study and analysis. Their effective tactics and strategies help to close Cyberspace’s security gaps and faults. They provide efficient security solutions and guidance that eliminates risks and enhances information security operations.


  1. Exec Forte Technologies

Exec Forte Technologies is one of the few organizations in India with a CMMI level 3 accreditation for worldwide consulting and information technology services. They provide excellent services such as information security, forensics, malware detection, security auditing, vulnerability management, penetration testing, and risk assessment. Various quality certification organizations have approved several of their services.

They have authorized technology partners for information security solutions with various organizations, including Tufin, Atola Technology, Cyber Deception, and others. CrackBox, exec’s proprietary password breaking/cracking tool, is also manufactured. They have offices in Gurgaon (H.Q.), Bangalore, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.


  1. Skylark Information Technology

Skylark Information Technology, another well-known cybersecurity firm founded in 1993, has its headquarters in Chennai and serves over 300 companies by offering I.T. services and outcomes. Skylark Information Technology develops a wide range of I.T. security solutions, including custom-made cloud security solutions depending on client demands, database and application security, endpoint mobile security solutions, and Next-Gen firewalls.

The organization is a top-tier global provider of I.T. services, transforming its clients’ companies using cutting-edge technology. Their approach to “Choosing the Right Technology” provides customers with a competitive advantage by increasing organizational agility and lowering overall design costs. Skylark Information Technology also participates in a number of blockchain-related courtesies.


  1. K7 Computing Cybersecurity

J Kesavardhan created the K7 computing cybersecurity firm in 1991. This institution has customers from over 100 countries. They provide each customer with continuous and constant protection against any online attack.

They have around 25 million customers worldwide. Their clientele includes a diverse variety of corporate and public sector organizations, ranging from healthcare to finance and education. K7 Enterprise Security and K7 Total Security are products that both institutions and home customers utilize.


  1. Quick Heal Technologies

Quick Heal is a leading provider of software protection solutions in India. The organization, with its headquarters in Pune, was founded in 1995. For over 25 years, the industry has engaged in network and device security research and development. Their clients include homes, companies, and individual consumers. Each Quick Heal solution is designed to simplify I.T. security management across various platforms and devices. They may be customized to meet the demands of consumers, small businesses, government organizations, and corporations.

Throughout the company’s 25-year history, computer and network security solutions have been the core focus of R&D. The present assortment of robust machine learning-enabled cloud-based security solutions thwarts assaults, threats, and harmful traffic before they occur.


  1. TAC Infosec Pvt. Ltd.

TAC Protection combines a comprehensive belief of danger and vulnerability data throughout the organization to compose beneficial cyber risk markings. A.R. artificial intelligence and user-friendly analytics may assist you in computing, prioritizing, and underestimating threats throughout the whole I.T. stack. Security agencies have software and data that confuse their original risks. Still, they do not lay out a clear plan for how limited resources are directed to minimize danger more efficiently.

TAC Protection integrates a complete picture of vulnerability and risk data throughout the organization to generate illuminating cyber risk assessments. Artificial intelligence and user-friendly analytics may help you analyze, prioritize, and undervalue threats throughout the I.T. stack.


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