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Top 20 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Companies in India


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List of Top 20 electric vehicle charging station companies in India.

India is the world’s fifth-largest vehicle market. Recently, the Indian government announced plans to prepare for a massive transportation change by 2030, including a significant rise in EV usage to cut emissions and reliance on petroleum imports. As the usage of electric vehicles grows in India, so does the demand for electric vehicle charging stations. The need for EV charging stations is fast expanding in the EV industry. As a result, many businesses are eager to invest in constructing EV charging stations around India. Electric cars are one of the most effective strategies to reduce pollution and total dependency on petroleum imports.


  1. Tata Power

As a result of its position, it is regarded as the country’s most significant maker of EV charging stations. Tata Power’s EV charging systems support a wide range of charging standards and requirements.

TATA’s EV charging network spans 15+ states, including Delhi and Mumbai, and has over 1,000 charge stations in 180 cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam. TATA Power (CPO) EV charging solutions satisfy a variety of charging standards and requirements and may be utilized for a variety of EV categories, makes, and models while also providing Smart Charging via the Tata Power Mobile App.


  1. Charzer

Charzer is a Bangalore-based firm that provides portable Kirana chargers of 3.3 kV for small shop owners, restaurants, malls, societies, and so on for an inexpensive price of Rs. 15,000 only. Charzer is a portable charging station, and the owner may earn money in various ways when customers come to power their automobiles. To begin, you have the option of earning extra money every minute, every day, and every month—every time someone plugs in a charger. Second, you will be able to attract more consumers.


  1. Delta Electronics India

Delta is India’s biggest EV charging company in terms of sales, with a wide range of charging equipment available, including DC Quick Chargers and AC EV chargers. It also includes a Site Management System for parking areas, workplaces, and residential structures, among other things.


  1. Fortum India

Fortum is a Finnish sustainable energy firm that operates in over 40 countries. It is credited for establishing the first open charging station for Indian Oil in Hyderabad. One of the company’s significant initiatives is Charge and Drive India, which established the first 50kW fast-charging stations and 11 DC quick chargers in places such as Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.


  1. Mass-Tech

Mass-Tech, founded in 1993, is one of the leading producers of commercial battery chargers and control panels. Mass-Tech Industrial is one of the leading manufacturers of efficient battery chargers and control panels. Mass-Tech supplied battery charging equipment, as well as a DC distribution board and converters. This firm has begun producing EV charging stations ranging in voltage from 10kv to 200kv. Mass-Tech has collaborated with all major EV OEMs, including TATA Motors, Mahindra, Volvo, and KPIT. It has completed the construction of a DC Fast Charging Station in Mumbai in collaboration with TATA Motors.


  1. BrightBlu

BrightBlu was founded in 2019 due to the combination of Asia Electric and DriveAMP, an EV charging startup with intelligent charging automation. Through its Smart charging technology, DriveAMP provides certain hardware technologies that charging point owners in India require. BrightBlu combined with two other firms to increase production and services.


  1. Exicom

exicom is an EV charging station manufacturer that provides public charging stations for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and passenger automobiles. It genuinely delivers the greatest charging options for the house. It has beautifully installed the Bharat AC and DC chargers for the EESL-obtained Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito vehicles. Exicom is committed to making India a 100 percent electric vehicle nation and supports the government’s aim of transitioning a significant portion of the country’s fleet to the electric mode by 2030.


  1. ABB India

ABB is a global leader in electric mobility, with over 14,000 DC fast chargers deployed in more than 80 countries. In conjunction with EV Motors India, Abb India constructed its first open DC fast charger in New Delhi last year. According to business authorities, the EV charging station would allow users to charge their automobiles from 0 to 80 percent in 40-50 minutes. Furthermore, all ABB chargers provide linked services, allowing clients to simply connect their chargers to various software systems such as back-offices, payment systems, Energy Management Online Solutions, and intelligent remote diagnostics, resulting in substantial uptime value.


  1. Verdemobility

VerdeMobility is a branch of “System-Level Solutions” that concentrates on innovative solutions in the burgeoning market for electric vehicles. They provide a wide choice of AC chargers, as well as hybrid chargers. Bharat AC001, Type 2 single and dual gun, Dual socket, Hybrid charger with Type 2, 3 pins, and IEC socket.


  1. Panasonic

In India, Panasonic launched Nymbus, an EV charging service. Nymbus is a cutting-edge charging service that combines physical components like charging stations, swap stations, and telemetry systems with virtual capabilities like cloud service, analytics, and artificial intelligence.


  1. Ensto

Ensto, a globally recognized technological business, offers automobile charging systems, electrical solutions for power distribution systems, electric traffic, and other services. On that topic, the first Ensto electric car charging station in India opened in New Delhi in 2017. This charging station line incorporates a flexible, high-performance electrical technology that allows automobiles to charge quickly.


  1. Alpha EV

Based in Pune, with a management team with over 35 years of expertise, it is focused on creating extensively tested EV charging stations and individual adapters that aspire to surpass industry norms and requirements. Installing AC chargers at your house, retail, restaurant, workplace, or café is a great way to make your life easier. A comprehensive network of AC electric vehicle chargers has been developed to ensure that your EV’s power requirements are satisfied regardless of where you are in India.


  1. ChargeMyGaadi

ChargeMyGaadi’s mission is to revolutionize the Electric Mobility (e-Mobility) market by providing various innovative solutions. The greatest quality and product variety have made it among the top EV charging station firms in India. ChargeMyGaadi aspires to deliver e-Mobility solutions that assist stakeholders in setting up customized EV charging stations and meeting their demands for Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Battery Swapping Solutions. ChargeMyGaadiTM is a prominent supplier of EV charging solutions in India, acting as an e-Mobility (eMO) and Charge Point Operator (CPO) operator.


  1. Charge+Zone

Charge+Zone offers convenient and dependable charging services for all sorts of electric vehicles (EVs). They are part of the TecSo Global group, which is a world leader in renewable energy solutions, product development, and software engineering. The group’s core strengths are in technologies, regulatory changes, power purchase agreements, and the CAPEX and OPEX models of solar power plant execution. The group has more than 100 personnel with the collective expertise of more than 250 years. The organization is also regarded as one of the top EV charging station providers in India.


  1. Tvesas Electric

Tvesas Electric is a prominent service provider for Solar Energy and Electric Vehicle Charging systems. Its diverse capabilities have elevated it to the top EV charging station firm in India. Tvesas’ mission is to encourage the use of solar energy and electric vehicles by providing inexpensive and sustainable alternatives. The company’s objective is to promote sustainable electric transportation by providing electric vehicles with access to premier charging stations.


  1. PlugNgo

PlugNgo is a brand created by EV Motors India Pvt. Ltd. for the establishment of India’s Public Charging Network. It aims to build a network of public charging infrastructure in collaboration with real estate developers, electric vehicle OEMs, charger manufacturers, and service centers, with funding from financial institutions and state DISCOMs. PlugNgo intends to achieve growth and sustainability in the Indian e-mobility system through these channel partners. Its genuine attention to charging stations has elevated them to the top EV charging station firm in India.


  1. ZEVpoint

ZEVpoint is constructing a wide network of electric vehicle charging stations. The emphasis is on making charging easy and quick. These consumers will not only be able to locate an EV charger via their smartphone, but they will also be able to start/stop charging sessions and track consumption sessions. ZEVpoint provides a complete infrastructure for residential, corporate, and commercial applications.


  1. Uznaka Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Uznaka is dedicated to redefining the definition of “smart solutions” in the field of automation technology and bringing it to all of society at a reasonable cost, while also ensuring that it is available to everyone and not just a select handful. The firm thinks that the science and art of homemaking require a substantial overhaul. Thus it strives to introduce cutting-edge technology to its cities to achieve the goal of a “modern India.”


  1. Magenta Power

Magenta, a provider of EV solutions and services, is a young yet prominent participant in the EV charging sector. The business has built a nationwide network named ChargeGrid. The business has revealed intentions to build over 4,000 charging stations in Maharashtra. The ChargeGrid stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can accommodate all types of EVs, including second-generation four-wheelers.


  1. Ather Energy

Ather is an e-scooter manufacturer that created the first electric ‘intelligent’ scooter made in India, the Ather S340. The corporation is currently attempting to establish a nationwide network of charging stations. In September, Ather expanded its operations to 200 charging stations. The company has inked memorandums of understanding with a number of businesses to gain access to areas for the installation of charging stations.

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