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Top Real Estate Companies in India


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List of Top Real Estate Companies in India

The real estate industry is one of the most well-known across the world. Housing, retail, hotel, and business are its four sub-sectors. This sector’s rise is well supported by the expansion of the business environment, and hence the need for office space as well as urban and semi-urban housing.

Land, buildings, fences, and bridges are all examples of real estate. Real estate refers to natural and artificial objects that are permanently linked to the earth. Real estate ownership is feasible. Personal property, such as vehicles, yachts, jewelry, furniture, and farm equipment, is not permanently tied to the land. It’s known as real estate.

The sector has been confronted with obstacles as a result of the recent wave of industrial, taxes, and economic reforms. Last-mile finance has been a significant concern, with strained and delayed projects compounding the situation and unsold stocks weighing heavily on the company’s balance sheets in terms of revenue. The Covid19 pandemic was the economic catastrophe that caused the economy to initially shut down. However, the approach of an economic reboot was defined by the progressive unlocking of economic activities.

This industry is likely to attract greater non-resident Indian (NRI) participation in the medium and long term. Bengaluru is predicted to be the most popular location for NRI property investment, led by Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, and Goa. Over the last decade, India’s real estate business has thrived. The real estate industry is one of India’s most important industries, accounting for more than 5% of the country’s GDP. The leading real estate businesses in India have enabled the building of a diverse variety of spectacular structures around the country.


  1. DLF Ltd.

DLF, established in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh, began with the development of 22 urban colonies in Delhi. In 1985, the firm moved into the then-unknown Gurugram region, producing extraordinary living and working environments for the emerging Indian global professionals. It is building office buildings, residences, hotels, shopping centers, golf courses, and infrastructure. DLF’s first residential building was implemented in Krishna Nagar, East Delhi, in 1949. The firm is well-known for IT and ITES, which are popular locations for IBM, Bank of America, Microsoft, GE, and other corporations to establish offices.


  1. Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd.

The company was established in the year 1967. Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd promote and develop real estate in the residential and commercial sectors.¬† Ansal API’s Chairman, Mr. Sushil Ansal, has guided the firm to success in a variety of industries, including real estate development and construction, hotels, infrastructure projects, and academic facilities. He has utilized his creativity and hard effort to achieve success in this organization. Ansal API is now one of the greatest real estate firms in India. It has a substantial presence in North India, with 19 townships in Delhi NCR, Punjab, and Haryana. The firm concentrates on three major residential, commercial, and hotel projects. Its business sectors include integrated townships, condos, group housing, malls, shopping complexes, hotels, special economic zones (SEZs), information technology (IT) Parks, and infrastructural and utility services. The corporation is one of India’s largest real estate and infrastructure firms. One of the company’s primary goals is to create better housing for the economically disadvantaged urban population, with an emphasis on environmental improvement.


  1. Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

M.R. Jaishankar established Brigade Enterprises Ltd in 1986. Its headquarters are in Bangalore. Commercial offices, leisure and hospitality, shopping malls, apartments, retail, and villas are among its offerings. It is Brigade Group’s main firm. Brigade Enterprises Ltd has a corporate office in Dubai as well as branch offices in other cities in South India. It is among the top 10 real estate businesses in India. Brigade has constructed approximately 250 buildings totaling 66 million square feet of built space in the residential, business, retail, and hospitality industry across seven cities since its establishment in 1986.


  1. Godrej Properties Ltd.

Adi Godrej established Godrej Properties Ltd in 1990. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. Residential Buildings, Commercial Complexes, and Townships are its principal products. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Godrej Industries Ltd. The organization has offices in several Indian cities, such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chandigarh. The company is ranked among the top ten real estate firms in India. Godrej Properties is a home building and sales enterprise. This year, Godrej has received 57 honors5. India Bulls Real Estate Ltd.

Real estate in India bulls is recognized for its high-end residences and businesses. They were started in 2006 and are among the greatest real estate firms in India. Here’s how it works: For years, the employees of the company have created residential, commercial, and Industrial buildings in India’s top tier 1 metro cities.

  1. The Global Real Estate

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark ranks GPL seventh in Asia and seventeenth worldwide. The organization’s emphasis on sustainable development encompasses several environmental considerations, such as where the material is from, how the location and layout are chosen, and how much water and energy are utilized.

In Mumbai, the business constructed One India Bulls Center, India Bulls Finance Center, India Bulls Sky, and Greens Panvel residential buildings. The firm also completed projects in Gurugram, Chennai, Madurai, Ahmedabad, and Thane. One of the finest features of this firm is that it has an IBREL credit rating of AA- for long-term debt, which is among the highest.


  1. Oberoi Realty Ltd.

Oberoi Realty has created growth and high status over the last three decades by constant high-design and quality norms that have made a substantial impact on the ease, comfort, and efficiency of lives that connect with or occupy these places. It is one of Mumbai’s greatest top real estate businesses. Oberoi Realty Ltd is in operation for over 30 years. They have 38 million square feet of building area scheduled for three years as of March 2020. This firm has completed at least 42 operations so far. It focuses on commercial real estate, retail, social, and hotel infrastructure.


  1. L&T Realty Ltd.

L&T Realty was established in 2011 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Larsen & Toubro’s real-estate development arm is the firm. Many residential, commercial, and retail projects have been completed by business in Western India, Southern India, and Chandigarh. The company has constructed industrial parks, transit-oriented developments such as the Navi Mumbai – Seawoods Grand Central, and several other prestigious residential towers and complexes. It is among the top 10 real estate businesses in India.

Larsen and Toubro Realty is the company’s real estate division. It is a market leader in India’s real estate sector. L&T Realty has worked hard to create benchmarks of excellence and delight clients via unique and innovative business practices. Mr. Shrikant Joshi, the CEO, and MD of this real estate firm leads the team. They have an excellent reputation for following their commitments and embracing new technologies to expand.


  1. Phoenix Mills Ltd.

The biggest retail-led mixed-use developer in India. Phoenix Mills Ltd is positioned to carve out a place in the Indian real estate market, whether it be through gigantic retail malls, entertainment buildings, business spaces, or hotel units. Its operations cover the majority of facets of real estate development, including planning, execution, marketing, management, maintenance, and sales.

The group has property in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Agra, Indore, Lucknow, Bareilly, and Ahmedabad. The organization is ranked among the best real estate firms in Mumbai. Atul Ruia is the company’s chairman and non-executive director. Shishir Shrivastava is the CEO of the firm.


  1. Omaxe Ltd.

Mr. Rohtas Goel, a visionary first-generation entrepreneur, and civil engineer launched the brand ‘Omaxe’ in 1987 to handle building and contracting operations. Following that, in 2001, the firm ventured into the real estate industry, and in 2007, it was listed on both stock markets (BSE and NSE).

Today, the company operates in 27 cities across eight states, including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh, and has a diverse product range that includes Hi-Tech Townships, Integrated Townships, Group Accommodation, Shopping Malls, Office Spaces, SCOs, and Hotels.

In addition, the organization has effectively combined commercial excellence with social responsibility. The corporation, through the Omaxe Foundation, undertakes several CSR projects in the fields of health, education, and community development, among others.


  1. Sunteck Realty Ltd.

Sunteck Realty Limited (SRL) is a Mumbai-based property development firm that specializes in ultra-luxury and luxury residential properties. It is one of Mumbai’s prominent real estate firms.

SRL has a 30 million square foot city-centric development portfolio distributed over 25 projects in various phases of development. It is among¬†India’s leading real estate firms. It is one of the most reputable real estate organizations in Mumbai, featuring magnificent luxury residences. Within four years, the business completed six projects totaling about 2 million square feet of built space, including residential and commercial buildings.