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Top Drone Companies in India


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List of Top drone companies in India

Drones first gained attention when Amazon revealed their trial with them in 2013. Drones are used for crop monitoring and maintenance, crop loss percentage computation, industrial inspection, 3D video mapping, Land audit, Town planning, thermal imaging, terrain mapping, aerial documentary, photography, cinematography, crop yield data collection, and more.

To encourage the drone sector, the Indian government established ‘Drone Rules’ in 2021, which upgraded current drone restrictions. The new legislation made the industry more flexible by providing drones with legal status and liberalizing its market. Some policy modifications include the following: license costs have been cut regardless of drone size. There would also be no need for a pilot for non-commercial micro and nano drones. A unique authorization number and prototype identification number are no longer required. Cargo delivery drone lanes must be created. The operation of multinational corporations has been simplified by making it easier for foreign-owned firms incorporated in India to conduct business.

Considered a significant startup hotspot that has grown exponentially in recent years, India has built a vast network of drone manufacturers that are gradually preparing to compete with China, the world’s leading drone producer. The National War Memorial and Mahatma Gandhi kept the audience engaged throughout the process, among the large-scale buzzing of 1,000 drones and their diversity of formations into shapes of the world like the ‘Make-in-India’ lion. Integrating drones in agricultural, remote delivery, surveillance and tracking, and industrial site monitoring has already opened up new opportunities in this business.

With the recent statement by the government prohibiting drone imports into the nation, Top Drone Manufacturers in India are excited to expand their businesses with renewed energy as global competition may arise, affecting the growth of their companies to a great extent.


Top 10 Drone Companies in India


  1. Infoedge India

Infoedge India is an Internet-based large-cap public business in India that owns Naukri, 99Acres, Jeevansathi, Shiksha.com, and a number of other notable websites. As a pioneer in the Internet sector, they are constantly investing in the future, and drone technology is at the top of the list.

Infoedge India has invested in and purchased interests in Skylark Drones. This business is working on establishing the basic infrastructure for the global drone ecosystem, and on joining the drone sector.


  1. Paras Defence and Space Technologies

With over 40 years of expertise in military and space engineering, Paras Defence & Space Technologies provides a variety of products and services for defense and space optics. They are actively interested in rocket and missile technology, space and research, and other areas.

Paras Defence and Space Technologies is an Indian small-cap defense firm that designs, develops, manufactures, and tests a wide range of defense and space engineering products and solutions. In October 2021, the firm will be placed on the Indian stock exchange.

Paras Defense collaborates with overseas UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) firms on Drone technology. It has collaborated with the Latvian Fixar, the Italian Nurjana Technologies, and another Israeli startup. Paras Defense is actively developing military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drone parachutes, and other aerospace technology. The business has collaborated with a number of global corporations to develop drone technology. The corporation was just listed on the stock exchange.


  1. Zomato Ltd.

Zomato is an international restaurant aggregator and meal delivery firm that was formed in 2008 and planned to go public on the Indian stock exchange in July 2021. The corporation mainly relies on drone technology for food delivery to make the process faster and more efficient.

Zomato purchased TechEagle in 2018 to construct a hub-to-hub delivery network employing mixed multi-rotor drones, which concluded in June last year. Zomato, on the other hand, is still developing Drone technology for their concept of drone-based food delivery. For this, they have partnered with a number of startups as well as industry titans like Vodafone to collaborate on the DGCA’s BVLOS sandbox.


  1. DCM Shriram Limited

DCM Shriram Ltd. has purchased a 30% investment in Zyrone Dynamics, a Turkish drone-making business, to establish a global UAV corporation for military and commercial purposes. Zyrone Dynamics is a company that makes tiny rotary-wing drones.

This is possible because DCM Shriram Industries Ltd. was awarded an industrial license to produce Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). DCM Sriram Industries’ collaboration with Zyrone Dynamics is more than simply an investment; it is about establishing a worldwide UAV firm for various commercial and military uses.


  1. Zen Technologies Ltd.

Zen Technologies, founded in 1993, is an Indian small-cap drone-tech firm. They are developing Heavy Lift Logistics Drones. Their Anti Drone System focuses on drone identification, classification, and tracking via passive surveillance, camera sensors, and threat neutralization by disrupting Drone communication.

The fact that Zen Technologies has secured orders from the Indian Air Force for the procurement of CUAS, or counter unmanned aircraft systems, explains their progress in drone technology. Zen Technologies, in addition to drones, develops training solutions for combat-ready personnel.


  1. RattanIndia Enterprises

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is the Rattanindia Group’s flagship firm for new-age growth enterprises and a midcap publicly traded corporation in India. RattanIndia Enterprises was established in 2010. The firm is almost debt-free and has high promotion ownership of 74.80; nonetheless, the company has a low ROE and ROCE. The company announced the commencement of its drone business in September 2021 through its entirely subsidiary NeoSky India Ltd.

According to a corporate release, NeoSky India will create a cutting-edge drone system platform emphasizing industry applications in India. Furthermore, the business has made a strategic investment in Matternet, a US-based urban drone logistics startup that is heavily working on the drone logistics platform. The investment amount, however, has not been disclosed.

RattanIndia Enterprises entered the drone sector through its wholly-owned subsidiary NeoSky, with the product expected to be commercially available in 2023.


  1. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. was founded in India and is a government-owned corporation, with the President of India owning 89.97 percent of the firm. The firm is involved in the design, development, production, and maintenance of a wide range of goods, including airplanes, helicopters, and aero-engines.

The first five Tapas drones will be manufactured in India by the business. The Indian Air Force requested a proposal to provide 70 primary trainer HTT40 aircraft last year.


  1. Aarav Unmanned Systems

Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS), founded in 2013, was one of the first drone businesses to incorporate drones into the mapping and surveying field.

AUS has created its own drone to scan and map operations, eliminating the necessity of ground-based control locations. As a result, it has earned a spot on the list of Top Drone Manufacturers in India.


  1. IdeaForge

IdeaForge, another significant participant on the 2022 Top Drone Manufacturers in India list, provides a wide range of custom-built drones for everything from announcements to monitoring to mapping. If a customer requires a drone to accomplish something special, there’s a high chance that ideaForge can deliver the proper drone for the task. IdeaForge, founded by IIT-Bombay graduates in 2007, is one of the oldest.


  1. Aero 360

Aero360, founded in 2017 by Pragadish Santhosh, who also serves as the company’s CEO, has quickly established itself in the drone manufacturing business.

In addition, the firm has worked with the Tata Group and the Indian government. Its free-flight drone is driven by a hybrid engine that allows it to fly for three hours and deliver payloads weighing up to three kilograms.

Chennai serves as the company’s headquarters. It is one of the most rapidly expanding enterprises in the world of drone solutions. The corporation is involved in the design, development, and production of unmanned aerial vehicles. It offers natural resource management, disaster management, aerial photography, emergency response, and mapping services. It is the country’s sole indigenous company that manufactures commercial drones for custom-based applications. Aero 360 is developing a platform for storing, processing, and delivering vast amounts of high-resolution aerial data on demand.

After developing add-on kits for regular DJI drones, the business has also developed its first tethered drone. As a result, it has earned a spot on the list of Top Drone Manufacturers in India.

There is no doubt that the drone industry is the world’s fastest expanding. The UAV sector already has enormous development potential. The firms we addressed today are the ones listed, but several additional startups are working in this field as well.

This was all about the drone sector and drone stocks, but there are many other industries and stocks to look into.


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