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Best CRM Software in India


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List of Best CRM software in India

Business expansion is a fantastic achievement. It does, however, necessitate the need to organize and compile data. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential in this situation. It aids in the efficient administration of information. It also aids in tracking the client’s activities and comments.


What is CRM?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to the process of enhancing your connections with present customers. This is primarily done to keep clients. CRM also focuses on discovering prospects and regaining old clients. CRM software is a method or approach firms use to organize and access customer data. CRM software connects all departments, from marketing and sales to customer support, and merges all their notes, activities, and analytics into one system.

The CRM definition moved from personal notes and Rolodexes to databases stored on individual PCs as modern technology became more ubiquitous. CRM software cannot be discussed without considering SaaS and cloud computing, which come together to produce CRM systems available from everywhere a user has an internet connection. After deploying a CRM system, most firms notice a considerable increase in leads, sales revenue, and customer retention.

If you believe that a decent CRM is just for large corporations with unlimited funds, tech gurus, and advanced software ecosystems, think again. Several options available are ideally suited to your individual needs as a small company. If you have the correct system, you won’t have to spend your days imprisoned in sheet hell or doing laborious, time-consuming manual processes.


Importance of CRM in business

A CRM’s value extends beyond merely keeping a customer database for contact monitoring. A good CRM records every interaction your staff have with every client and allows you to track those interactions. These might range from the user’s first purchase to their service history to the topic of conversation they had with your local salesperson over their prior lunch. CRMs store this information securely, able to track, analyze, and expose it as needed. Although there are several advantages why CRM software is critical for your organization, a few of them are listed below:

  • Lead efficiency: CRM software automatically records lead data. Consequently, the possibility of human mistakes and inaccurate information input is eliminated.
  • Collecting Data of client: A CRM system assures the confidentiality of customer data. As a consequence, you avoid compromising your clients’ security.
  • Boosting Sales: CRM software enables you to conclude sales more quickly. You profit from increased sales due to improved communication throughout the sales funnel.
  • Reports and evaluation: CRM software delivers reports and analysis as well. These aid in improved marketing and sales management planning.
  • Tracking Sales: As the amount of sales increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the specifics of each transaction. CRM software, on either side, records each sale and its information.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention: CRM is an excellent tool for discovering and cultivating potential and new customers and keeping your existing customers happy. A CRM system can help with “client retention” by notifying you of appointments and when to conduct follow-up emails.


Top 10 CRM Software


  1. Zoho

Zoho, an exceptionally highly CRM software in India, allows you to streamline sales efforts, monitor prospects, and complete transactions more quickly. The program includes sales productivity, overall sales, automation, and enterprise readiness capabilities. Furthermore, it supports multi-channel communication and significant customization. As a result, you will sell better, quicker, and smarter.

It allows you to streamline your sales efforts, monitor leads, and close agreements faster. The software includes sales productivity, automation, sales performance, and corporate readiness. It also has multi-channel communication and several customization possibilities. Consequently, you’ll be able to market more effectively, quickly, and intelligently.


  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM system. It has essential features like Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Email Connectivity, and Contact Management. You may also sync and share data, manage workflow and clearances, and anticipate sales.

Salesforce also offers a mobile app that is available for ios and android. Furthermore, the program enables your staff to be more productive at work.


  1. EngageBay

EngageBay provides various full-stack tools that assist organizations in automating different activities. The program is designed to accommodate contacts, analyze sales success, automate communication and procedures, collect and nurture prospects, and enhance and consolidate all user involvement on a single platform.

The program is highly customizable, allowing organizations to design, execute, and choose the required solutions to improve in real-time. EngageBay CRM integrates different processes to best meet your objectives, including campaign creation, funnel monitoring, scheduling, improving, and providing thorough insights. Because of the product’s versatility, you may obtain precise information on effectively using the platform to provide an unrivalled client experience.


  1. Freshsales

Freshsales offers conventional CRM software functions and is a unified CMS for managing many leads. Furthermore, the system allows you to validate and disseminate leads through many communication channels. It allows your sales staff to trace emails and determine when they are opened.

The tool includes advanced features like call recording, call forwarding, auto-dialers, and affiliate management. Its user-friendly interface and features like AI-based lead scoring, sophisticated workflow automation, and a transparent transaction pipeline make this feasible.


  1. Maple CRM

Maple CRM is a prominent SMB solution. It provides an in-depth analysis of your sales and marketing success. The product aids in the improvement of relationships and the retention of clients.

Maple CRM has valuable features like team access management, workflow automation, and automatic lead assignment. Furthermore, an invoice and quotation builder makes the process easier. The service is beneficial in terms of improving customer interactions and client retention.


  1. SalesBabu CRM

SalesBabu enables you to increase client interaction. It is packed with appealing features that will assist you in increasing sales and money. Inventory management, cost and payroll administration, and GST billing are among the services available.

It keeps track of all lead data, including abandoning and closure rates. It also aids salespeople in adopting a focused strategy to meet sales targets. SalesBabu CRM lets you categorize customers based on a range of criteria. You may track sales by date, location, and product to guarantee that you will never miss an opportunity. It can also assist you in automating company procedures. The SalesBabu CRM Solution can capture and track every action of a sales force.


  1. Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software suite designed by Microsoft to assist businesses in improving their customer interactions. The primary focus of the product is on the sales, promotion, and customer service sectors. The programme gives social insights, corporate information, and productivity with One Microsoft solutions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM may be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid configuration.

The CRM Solution may be utilized to boost a company’s sales efficiency and marketing effectiveness and manage the complete customer care chain. It may also provide social insights, corporate information, and a wide range of additional out-of-the-box capabilities and features. It also provides complete mobile support for mobile phone and tablet CRM apps.


  1. SalesShark

SalezShark assists you in developing effective sales tactics and gaining actionable consumer insights. It is among India’s top CRM software for start-ups and small enterprises. Furthermore, it aids in the development of stronger client ties in order to increase sales.

Marketing automation, uniform data solution, relationship analytics, and sales automation are just a few of the fantastic features.


  1. BIGContacts

BIGContacts is an easy and flexible CRM software developed for expanding enterprises. The platform is a consolidated repository for all contact details, including past data and correspondence. With a 360° overview of all sales-driven actions, you can easily keep track of your prospects and their progression through the sales cycle.

Furthermore, you can use a visual pipeline to precisely track the phases of leads and deliver targeted emails with a tailored message. The application’s email monitoring and marketing automation capabilities assist you in moving beyond manual operations such as delivering drip emails and taking follow-ups. This permits you to concentrate on the tasks that are truly important to you.


  1. Sage CRM

Sage CRM is used by hundreds of businesses in a variety of sectors throughout India. Sage CRM is an advanced customer relationship management software that consists of three major segments: sales, marketing, and customer support. It’s a highly customizable, adaptable, and adaptable software solution. Sage CRM benefits from seamless integration with Sage’s best accounting solutions, such as Sage 50 and Sage 200.

The platform effectively employs your customer service management technologies to increase sales, increase income from marketing campaigns, and build long-term customer connections.

CRM software provides several advantages to small and medium-sized enterprises. Sales and public relations professionals originally built CRM software and its functions. It gave firms an easy method to manage and track communication. However, as the environment and business have changed, so have the solutions.

The solutions now aid marketing, communication, customer relations, and intermediate project management. Very few CRM software packages additionally provide chatbot and phone call features. This simplifies salespeople because they may use the technology to connect directly with clients.

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