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Top 10 Indian Mobile Brands and Companies In India


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10 Trusted Indian Mobile Brands

India has an increasing demand for smartphones, one of the fast-growing smartphone markets and the second most populated country. Some Chinese mobile companies and brands like Samsung have been leading the smartphone market, but the scenario has changed after the make in India. Let us see a top 10 list of trustworthy Indian mobile brands.


1. Micromax

Micromax informatics is a famous brand and one of the largest mobile manufacturers in the country. A prominent Indian smartphone manufacturer and also consumer electronics. Its headquarters is based in Gurugram, Haryana, India, and despite the growing competition and intense competition, they are positioning itself successfully in electronic goods. They are into the manufacturing of low-cost smartphones and also LED and tablets. It also has handsets with different features which cater to the consumer’s requirements.

2. YU Televentures

Micromax leading Indian smartphone company, also owns another company named YU Televentures, as a joint venture with Cyanogen Inc.  Its first smartphone was named as YU Eureka is now a competitor to the Chinese Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

3. Karbonn

One of the leading mobile companies with its products sold in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Middle-east countries. They are into the manufacturing of mobile phones, tablets, phone accessories, etc.

4. Lava

A multinational Indian mobile company deals in the mobile set and places like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Middle-east. Lava, also owning Xolo, launched Windows phone operating systems and Android lollipop handsets.

5. Xolo

First to launch with Intel processor, Xolo, the Indian smartphone brand. One of the first Indian manufacturers to partner with AMD, the one who first started 4G – enabled handset in India.

6. Intex Technologies

Intex technologies are into the manufacturing of mobile phones, companies, also LED Incorporated in the year 1996, it is a leading company with a strong presence in various electronics. The company was started with a vision to provide people with cutting-edge technologies and value-adding products. These products are used and enjoyed by millions. They have been providing services and offering to people from all sections of society, rural and urban.

7. I-Ball Mobile

The company is into manufacturing products for the IT industry, smartphones, and the production of laptops and systems. An Indian consumer electronics company is doing well with its products in demand.

8. LYF

Reliance LYF is a mobile handset company that manufactures mobile phones enabled with 4g feature VoLTE Smartphones in India and operates with its parent Jio.

9. Spice Telecom

Spice Mobility was earlier known as S Mobility limited. The company entered the handset market at an entry-level position through an entry-level segment. The company has a chain of retail stores through which it sells its products. It sells phones, smartphones, tablets, accessories, etc.

10. Celkon

Celkon was one of the Microsoft and Android OS. The company is based out of Hyderabad, with its headquarters in Andhrapradesh and Telangana.