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Top 10 Agriculture Companies in Gujarat


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Top 10 Agriculture Companies in Gujarat

Gujarat, India’s top industrial state, has recently astonished many with its spectacularly high agricultural development rate. Agriculture, traditionally seen to be a slow-growing and unstable sector in the state, grew by double digits in 2012. Gujarat’s agricultural growth rate was relatively high compared to the country’s (India’s) agricultural growth rate. Furthermore, higher farm gate prices and gross cropped area in the region resulted in a continuously high rate of agricultural expansion between 2000 and 2010. Gujarat’s agricultural boom was expected to be in its early stages, whereas numerous other Indian states had struggled to display dynamism. However, other analysts were sceptical about the longevity of Gujarat’s double-digit agricultural growth, calling it a myth rather than a reality. Various companies in Gujarat have progressed in the agricultural sector, and a few of them are listed as the top companies in Agricultural Sector in Gujarat.

Top 10 Agriculture Companies in Gujarat


  1. Adani Wilmar

Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) is a joint venture formed in January 1999 by Adani Organization, a private infrastructure giant, and Wilmar International Limited, Singapore’s premier Agribusiness group. It is one of India’s leading food FMCG firms. AWL now possesses over 40 units, with a combined refining capacity of over 16800 tons per day, seed crushing power of 6000 tons per day, and packing capacity of 12900 tons per day.

The firm boasts the widest selection of edible oils, including Soya, Sun, Mustard, Rice Bran, Groundnut, and Cottonseed, and it has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Vivo. This functional oil aids with blood sugar management. Aside from oil, AWL has expanded into packaged Basmati rice, pulses, soya chunks, besan, Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta, and the newly announced superfood Khichdi. They have added four varieties to our current Basmati Rice category to appeal to regional tastes. Similarly, following the successful debut of Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta, they released goods such as Maida, Sooji, and Rawa, significantly extending the food line. After transitioning from the kitchen to the personal and skincare market, they released their first product, Alife Soap. Adani Wilmar’s product range includes Fortune, King’s, Bullet, Raag, Avsar, Pilaf, Jubilee, Fryola, Alpha, Alife, and Aadhar.


  1. Gokul Agro-Resources

Gokul Agro Resources Limited, an ISO 22000:2005 certified firm, thrives on the quality and effectiveness of what it produces and offers its consumers worldwide. Gokul Agro Resources Limited is now one of India’s leading processors and makers of edible and non-edible oils and associated goods. Their product line includes all of the major edible oils consumed internationally and the non-edible category. They are one of the major producers of Castor Oil. They provide the World’s feed meal sector with high-quality Soybean meal. At the Castor generating operation, they generate high-grade Castor Meal, an Organic Fertilizer in and of itself. With a broad and ethnic consumer base, they have a fabulous brand presence in far more than 20 multiple states in a vast nation like India. GARL caters to a huge consumer base around the World across several continents, thanks to its globally known customer base and the superiority of its quality products.


  1. Tribeni Group

Tribeni Group is a group of eight firms founded on producing high-quality goods and services. Tribeni prioritizes quality beyond all else since they want their consumers to receive the most fantastic items possible.

They started the company with a tiny and humble beginning roughly 26 years ago. Eight firms on board now think they have established a standard since they consistently aim to be at the edge by developing the most significant goods and services at affordable costs.

Their success is shown not only in the regular and steady expansion of their enterprises but also in the fact that they have an established clientele working with them for years.


  1. Everest Starch Pvt. Ltd.

Everest Starch India Private Limited is a well-known Manufacturer and Exporter of Maize Starch and Modified Starches. They prepare the items they offer utilizing high-quality ingredients from the market’s most known and dependable sources. Customers love these items because of their noticeable characteristics such as brightness, efficiency, excellent pH value, non-toxicity, and precise composition.

Their starch products are widely utilized in the food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, packaging, dyes & colour & ink, chemical, and fermentation industries. Furthermore, to meet the different demands of their clients, they tailor these items to their exact specifications at market-leading pricing. They rely on a comprehensive infrastructure to carry out our company’s tasks smoothly. This facility, which spans a large area, is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and innovative technologies that are vital in manufacturing. This helps to increase the manufacturing rate, making their range more cost-effective.

Because of these factors, they have a large clientele worldwide, particularly in Egypt, the UAE, Oman, Australia/New Zealand, the Indian Subcontinent, the Caribbean, North Africa, South/West Africa, East Asia, Central America, and North Europe.


  1. Vadilal Industries

Vadilal Industries Ltd (VIL) is an ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing company. It also manufactures and exports processed foods such as frozen fruits and vegetables, tinned pulp, and ready-to-eat and ready-to-serve items. VIL has ice-cream manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, as well as a food processing business in Gujarat. The firm also sells its goods under various brand names, including Vadilal, Vadilal Quick Treat, a bad bite, fling, ice Trooper, gourmet, and power drink. It also conducts foreign exchange transactions. The firm is based in India and sells items to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. The headquarters of VIL is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  1. Amul

Amul is a Gujarat-based Indian dairy state government cooperative society. It is a cooperative brand administered by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF). It is now jointly owned by 36 lakh milk producers in Gujarat, and the supreme body of 13 district milk unions distributed over 13,000 villages. Amul was a driving force behind India’s White Revolution, which saw the country become the leading producer of milk and milk products. AMUL is an abbreviation for Anand Milk Union Limited. GCMMF, a subsidiary of Amul, has recently announced the launch of an organic product range that comprises moong dal, tur dal, chana dal, and basmati rice. Amul is assembling a group of organic farmers to duplicate their current milk sourcing approach in organic sourcing. This would increase the revenue of organic farmers and assist in democratizing the organic food business as a whole.


  1. Ambar Protein Industries Limited

Ambar Protein Industries was founded in 1992 in Ahmedabad to deliver excellent edible oil to Gujarat consumers under the brand name Ankur. Among the company’s products are Ankur Refined Cottonseed Oil, Ankur Refined Sunflower Oil, Ankur Refined Soybean Oil, and Ankur Refined Corn Oil.


  1. Gujarat Green Revolution

Gujarat Green Revolution Company Limited is an implementing agency for the implementation of the Micro Irrigation Scheme on behalf of the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat in Gujarat State through reputed authorized Micro Irrigation System suppliers, who supply and install the Micro Irrigation System and also provide agro services related to the Micro Irrigation System. Its goal is to bring about the state’s second Green Revolution by conserving water and power and increasing agricultural output, resulting in overall farmer wealth.


  1. Rainbow Exports

Rainbow Group began its journey as a general merchandise trading company at the turn of the twenty-first century. Rainbow Group has 20 years of experience in Sesame Seeds, Spices, and Agro Commodities and has remained nimble, continuously adjusting to changing circumstances while progressing up the value chain. The Group’s future development is fueled by an emphasis on Sales, Procurement & Consulting Services, Market dynamics, and Consumer understanding, with the VISION of becoming the top Product and Service Provider in the Agro Commodities Export-Import segment. In the last 20 years, the company has worked hard to source and supply the essential items of the best quality that provide better value to the consumer. The source and manufacture items from their origin points in India and Africa, where they are grown, farmed and processed. The firm has strong relationships with several African companies from whom it can source and provide African-origin sesame seeds, peanuts, ginger, soybeans, and other agricultural products. The Group was founded in Unjha, Gujarat (Asia’s largest Spices Market and one of the largest Spices Markets in the World) and had its registered and administrative offices in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  1. Rapid Overseas

Rapid Overseas is a renowned organic product manufacturing firm from India that has effectively satisfied consumers worldwide with its extensive experience in the fields of grain, oilseeds, spices, herbs, and other agro commodities. Rapid Overseas was formed to usher in a brighter tomorrow by improving people’s life quality and living standards. Recognizing the fundamental necessity to address the situation of food growth across all sectors of organic goods, we at Rapid Overseas think that changes from inside and without-is the crucial ingredient of his transformation. Rapid Overseas is dedicated to exploring new dimensions to complete projects and introduce a new business model in the sector. Because of their inventive abilities, they have succeeded as organic product producers. Still, they have also expanded as a firm that can embrace all stages and components of organic product manufacture.


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