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Top Agriculture Company in Maharashtra


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List of Top Agriculture Company in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra is a major agricultural state. Rice, jowar, bajra, wheat, tur, mung, urad, and other pulses are the main crops farmed in the state. The state is a significant producer of oilseeds. The principal oil seed crops are groundnut, sunflower, and soybean. Cotton, sugarcane, turmeric, and vegetables are key cash crops. The state is a national leader in onion production. It is quickly becoming a major agricultural state in the country. Different types of soil, diverse agro-climatic conditions, appropriate technical manpower, well-developed communication facilities, an increasing trend in drip irrigation, greenhouses, the use of excellent chain facilities, and a vibrant farmer organization provide ample opportunities to grow a variety of horticultural crops in the state.

Top Agricultural Company in Maharashtra

  1. Maharashtra Agro

The Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd (MAIDC) was established on December 15, 1965, to encourage the modernization of the agro-industry through mechanization, and is a clear illustration of the state’s forward-thinking initiatives. MAIDC is a for-profit corporation incorporated under the Companies Act of 1956. MAIDC has been assisting farmers in attaining improved agricultural output since its foundation. The Company’s goal is to provide standard quality fertilizers, pesticides, agro engineering implements, and animal feed to farmers in Maharashtra when and where they are needed, at low prices.

The Company’s headquarters are in Mumbai, and its operations are managed through twelve Regional Offices in Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Nashik, Jalgaon, Pune, Aurangabad, Nanded, Osmanabad, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, and Chandrapur. A supplemental regional office, Thane Regional Office, has been established in Head Office to assist farmers in Thane and Mumbai areas.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India, has also recognized Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation Limited (MAIDC) as a State Nodal Agency. As the State Nodal Agency, it examines and sends numerous requests from businesses under various programs of assistance from the Government of India. It also assists entrepreneurs in project preparation, area selection, etc. MAIDC has also created a Food Park at Butibori, near Nagpur, to provide shared infrastructure for small & mid food processing enterprises.


  1. Syngenta

 Syngenta is a worldwide agricultural company founded on research and devoted to realizing plant potential. Each of our 28,000 workers in over 90 countries collaborates to address one of humanity’s most critical issues: producing more food with fewer resources. A diverse staff and an accessible workplace environment support our goal of being agriculture’s most collaborative and trustworthy team. Our workers represent the variety of our clients, markets we serve, and communities we serve.

Syngenta promotes innovation to help address the demands of the changing world, including climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss, as well as farmer and societal expectations. Their breakthrough makes regenerative agriculture possible.

They recognize that their contribution is a team effort. They have an extensive network of fruitful collaborations with research universities, the food value chain and agricultural industries, NGOs, and farmers. Because of their open, collaborative culture, they are a sought-after partner.


  1. Cargill

Cargill’s business in India began in 1987. It operates in the following industries: refined oils, food products, grain and oilseeds, cotton, animal nutrition, industry specialties, and trade structured financing. Cargill sells popular consumer brands of edible oils like Nature Fresh, Gemini, Sweekar, Leonardo Olive Oil, Rath, and Sunflower. It also sells wheat flour with the Nature Fresh label. Cargill’s Animal Nutrition division produces animal feed and premix, as well as nutrition for aqua, dairy, and poultry. It sells livestock feed and powder under the Provimi, Purina, Citura, and Cargill brands. Grains and oilseeds are produced in 200 storage facilities in the Grains and Oilseeds Company. It employs about 3500 people across offices, factories, and a system of warehouses and distribution centers.


  1. UPL Ltd

With an annual turnover surpassing $5 billion, UPL Ltd. is a global producer of sustainable agricultural goods and solutions. As one of the top five agriculture solutions businesses in the world, we have a diverse range of organics and traditional crop protection products with over 13,600 registrations. With a foothold in over 130 countries and over 10,000 associates worldwide, we access over 90% of the world’s food basket for more information on our complete array of food value chain solutions, including seeds, post-harvest, and physical and digital services.


  1. Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association

To promote overall progress and unity among makers of diverse agricultural inputs. Plant Growth Promoters (Bio Products), Herbal & Organic Product Manufacturers, Herbal Pesticide Manufacturers, and Micro Nutrient Manufacturers can join AIM and profit from its operations. Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association was mainly formed to address a Government Resolution (GR) against AGRO INPUTS that are NOT principally insecticides and fertilizers. With approximately 500 members, the Agro Inputs Producers Association represents Agro Input manufacturers nationwide.

Agro Inputs Manufacturers Association efficiently provides instruction and suggestions to its members on various concerns pertaining to the operation of various rules and regulations pertaining to the production of various Agro Inputs.


  1. Royal Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd.

 As the food market of India expanded, we needed to enhance crops and fertilizers. Our firm manufactures a variety of pesticides that assist farmers in meeting the goal of the “Save Food Grain Campaign.” We also participate in greenhouse technologies to advance our floriculture and vegetable traditions. Our premium product line assists farmers in improving the quality and quantity of agricultural business. We are delighted to provide our valued customers with competent Quarantine Fumigation and commercial pest control services. Our knowledgeable workforce has received training from CFTRI in Mysore (Karnataka), ACABM in Pune, and Chemical Engineering Institutes.


  1. Anand Agro Industries

“Anand Agro Industries, Nashik,” founded in 2000, manufactures and supplies a diverse variety of Bhagat and Rice. They obtain them from some of the market’s most reliable farmers. These goods are noted for their intact nutritious content since they are processed in compliance with international quality standards and rules. They also make certain that these items are delivered to our clients within the time range specified, thanks to their extensive distribution network. Furthermore, their goods are highly sought after by customers due to their purity, authentic quality, high nutrient content, and delicious flavor.

They are backed by a network of professionals, enabling them to provide their clients with pure Rice and Bhagar. Furthermore, they are devoid of contaminants, making them popular with customers and favorable for ingestion. Our food materials are frequently utilized in the preparation of various cuisines in homes, hotels, restaurants, and resorts. We provide these goods in various packaging sizes that preserve their freshness and nutritional worth. Furthermore, the bespoke packaging service enables consumers to obtain items from us that meet their specific needs.


  1. Vijay Seeds Company Ltd. 

 Vijay Seeds Co. Ltd., a research-driven firm, is a pioneer and innovative agricultural Company that delivers high-quality seeds to the Indian market. They have a considerable market share in the Indian commercial seed business, with goods ranging from hybrid vegetable seeds to field crops, fiber crops, and oil seeds. They assist farmers not only with seeds, but also with professional advice on seed planting, irrigation, and soil nutrients during the planting process.


  1. Aries Agro Limited

Dr. T. B. Mirchandani and Mrs. Bala Mirchandani created Aries Agro Ltd in 1969. They are involved in producing micronutrients and other nutritional items for plants and animals. They began by producing a modest variety of mineral food supplements for animals and birds, and eventually expanded into mineral additions for agricultural usage. With the release of Chelated Micronutrients in 1975, the Company expanded into Agrochemicals through in-house R&D activities. They are a pioneer in the notion of chelates in India, having introduced “Agromin,” a micronutrient fertilizer, in 1975, backed by “Chelamin” in 1976. They are the country’s top maker and supplier of chelates. They were among the first to be granted a license to use bactericides for agricultural purposes by the Government of India. The addition of plant hormones was then made. Aries increased their product range in 2001 to include supplementary nutrients such as Sulphur, magnesium, and calcium.


  1. Adinath Agro

 Adinath Agro is India’s largest food processing enterprise, producing fruit pulps, ketchup, sauces, jams, pickles, syrups, and canned foods. Adinath Agro was founded in 1995 and had its offices in Pune, Maharashtra. In the domestic circuit, they now have an annual revenue varying from Rs 10 to Rs 25 crores. They have an installed strength of approximately 60 tons per day with a single installment facility in Pune. They produce all of the Company’s sales and earnings only from the local market. They have a strong legacy of hygiene control and stringent quality procedures and hold ISO and HACCP certifications. Adinath is devoted to providing products of worldwide standards, emphasizing long-term sustainable production and long-lasting packaging. We have built a lasting connection of trust and respect with our devoted clients over the years, and we have come a long way since our humble beginnings over two decades ago.


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