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Top Facility Management Companies in 2022 for Pune


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Facilities management companies in Pune serve a wide range of industries due to the advent of globalization, outsourcing, and automation. The top M.N.C.s and mid-sized companies are benefiting from these services by getting the benefit of professional support at affordable costs.

With the help of a professional facility management company in Pune, you can eliminate all your worries related to the maintenance and management of your office space to focus on your business.

What is Facility Management?

Facility management, also known as F.M., is a service that assists organizations in meeting their needs for effective property, facility, and project management. It is a process-driven approach that integrates people, place, process, and technology to enhance the performance of an organization’s facilities.

Best Facility Management Company in Pune are Mentioned Below:

1) Arise Facility Solutions

Arise Facility Solutions manages facilities for businesses in Pune certified to ISO9001:2015. It has been developed over thirteen years of experience in this field.

This company is a leading service provider for facility-related services from design to maintenance and operation. Their services range from interiors to exteriors, from parking lots to commercial building maintenance, from housekeeping to food and beverage management, and from pest control to sanitization services.

It has been providing facilities management solutions that meet international standards, and they strive toward achieving excellence in its endeavours.

Their goal is to create productive workspaces for their clients that add value to their businesses. C.L.R. C.L.R. Services

They are a facility management company, operated in since 2002. Their commitment to delivering world-class solutions has carved out a solid business foundatiC.L.R.

C.L.R. Facility Services is a known name among various facility services companies. They owe their modest success to their hard-working team and gracious clients equally, and they promise to keep improving their quality work in the coming times.


3) Prism Services Property Solutions

PSPS paved the way for property and facility management more than a decade ago. The company maintains high standards in providing domestic and commercial housekeeping, office administration, maintenance, and security services to its customers and continues to benefit them.

Their approach is to form long-lasting partnerships with their customers by ensuring the properties they service receive the best possible service.

4) Supreme Facility Management

The Supreme Facility Management brand is the flagship venture of Shinde Group, becoming a trusted name in facility management.

More than 250 satisfied clients in over 14 states across India benefit from its uninterrupted comprehensive Facility Management, Employee Transport & Logistics services. Based in Pune and employing 3500 professionals in over 35 locations across all states, Supreme Facility sets the standards for Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Execution.


5) Sumeet Facilities Ltd

Their company offers a wide range of facility management services to clients nationwide. They have ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 26000:2010, OHSAS 18001:2007, S.A.d SA 8000:2014. It supports and enhances the essential business functions and provides customers with the highest level of value by integrating the business infrastructure.

They have always prioritized meeting the requirements of their clients regardless of all constraints, and they are proud to confirm that they have delivered on their promises and have continued working with them for over two decades.

B.V.G. B.V.G. India

It was founded in 1993 by Mr Gaikwad as a non-profit organization. Various establishments can utilize the skills of rural youth through this program.

As a result, it has emerged as the largest integrated services enterprise in India, with its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. This company’s objective aligns with the government’s Swachh Bharat initiative. This is the most recognizable name among the best Facility Management companies in Pune.

7) SuvaF.M.S. F.M.S.

They at SUVARNA FMS have years of experience managing extensive modern facilities operated by a teamF.M.f F.M. professionals.

As an ISO 9001: 2008 organization, Suvarna Industries has extensive experience supporting I.T.e IT and ITES industries. They have retained their valuable clients with good understanding and commitment for an extended period. They support their clients in focusing on their core competencies by understanding the unique requirements of I.T.e IT and ITES industries.


8) Clearfield Facility Management

Clearfield Facility Management in Pune provides a well-equipped and efficient team. Corporate, companies, and households in & around Pune rely on CFMPL for a wide range of solutions and services.

In addition to creating an effective workplace, they add value to their clients’ businesses. In their role as a Facilities Management Company, they can handle all your facility needs.


9) Choice Group Facility ManagemL.L.P. L.L.P.

Choice Group was founded in 1990 and is one of Maharashtra’s earliest integrated facility management companies, providing customers security and housekeeping services.

The Choice Group offers Training, Event Security, and Security Consultancy in addition to its core business of Security Solutions and Facility Management. Their facility and security management services use modern techniques, management processes, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure compliance with global benchmarks.


10) Shri Krupa ServiS.K.S.

S.K.S. Facility Management Services, founded in 1992, is the best facility management company in Pune.

Founded by the late Shri Dattatray B. Khedkar (retired Asst. Commissioner of PolicC.I.D.I.D. International). During his tenure, Mr Raghavendra D. Khedkar and Mr Mahesh D. Khedkar kept the company on track and led it to greater heights. The company is now considered one of the best in Pune regarding integrated facility management.

So we can say that facilities management companies are responsible for our health and work. It includes all the commercial and residential buildings, security, and health. They maintain a clean environment inside and outside the building, maintain the gardens, parking lots, and swimming pools, and are responsible for the garbage management in the building. So choose wisely which Facility Management Company fulfils your requirement correctly because, in this pandemic, no one can compromise their hygiene and health.


Written By: Jyoti Pandey

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