Top 10 Facility Management companies in Mumbai 2022

Facility Management

As safety and infrastructure requirements have increased, there has been a surge in the demand for facility management companies in both corporate and residential buildings.

What makes facility management companies important?

Facility management includes various disciplines, from overseeing day-by-day exercises in an office to investigating and satisfying future requests. Facility management has turned into an imperative piece of any association, regardless of whether big or small, that gives functional business support.

In their role, they develop, implement, and maintain services including property, space, and communication management, tests, and inspections to building maintenance, transportation, cleaning, and environmental health and safety.

With a group of skilled staff, facility managers guarantee the functional usefulness of the business or private climate. Hence, it has secured itself as the foundation of an association as it spans individuals, capacities, and efficiency to accomplish further developed outcomes.

Top 10 Facility Management companies in Mumbai 2022

Below are Mumbai’s top 10 best facility management companies in 2022

  1. Arise Facility Solutions


    Arise Facility Solutions is a one-stop facility management solution headquartered in Mumbai. They provide professional facility management services comprised of the latest machinery tools and Eco-friendly green chemicals. Arise facility solutions is a leading facility management company because they have a PAN India presence, and they provide quality services with cost-effectiveness and ensure that the minimum absenteeism is followed.

    Their expert housekeeping staff and hassle-free services make them the preferred facility management company in the area.

    They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by making provision for facility management services along with corporate housekeeping services, pantry management services, facade cleaning, manpower supply services, and commercial cleaning services, etc. Currently, they cater their services in Mumbai, Pune, Baroda, and Bangalore cities and are ready to expand their business all over India.

  2. SD Hospitality


    SD Hospitality is one of the finest facility management companies in Mumbai. It offers a premium solution to all your cleaning needs for both commercial and industrial.

    With SD hospitality you will get complete transparency, professional services, and free consultation. Innovative and consistent services are of the utmost importance to them. They are recognized for their high quality and reliability by their extensive client list. In addition to offering fast service, they are certified and licensed.


  3. SFS Solutions Private Ltd.


    Strict Facility Services also called SFS is Mumbai based facility management company that is well-versed in providing security and housekeeping services for their clients. Personalized cleaning and security services are customized to meet the needs of every client. The company provides high-quality cleaning and security services thanks to its trained technicians and experienced staff.

    They aim to establish a cordial relationship with their prospective clients by offering superior service. They endeavor to provide outstanding customer service, responsiveness, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

  4. Jinavani Facilities Management Services Pvt Ltd

    Jinavani Facilities Management Services is a team of experts dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of facilities management and housekeeping services to corporate, government, industrial, and residential clients.

    Incorporated under the name M/s. Jinavani Facilities Management Services Pvt Ltd is Mumbai based ISO 9001:2015 certified facility management company. They offer services backed by a professional team with extensive experience at well-known organizations in Mumbai and Pune.

    For the sake of the client’s satisfaction, they never compromise on the quality of services, they strive hard to provide their clients with high-quality services at a competitive price.


  5. Future Green Facility Management India Private Ltd.

    Founded in 2017, Future Green Facility Management India Private Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to providing Integrated Facilities Management Services in various sectors. They have been in the facility management business for more than five years.

    With Future green facility services, quality services and exceptional operational performance are guaranteed. Their focus is always on minimizing environmental and safety risks to their clients.


  6. AVM Facility Management Services

    AVM Facility Management offers a complete range of sophisticated facility management services that are tailored to clients’ needs for cost-effective, sustainable results. They are known for their lightning-quick responses and successful resolution of any service-related issues across Mumbai.

    ‚ÄčTheir ability to assess their clients’ needs and tailor solutions based on their understanding of their business allows them to customize solutions for them. They serve a wide range of customers across all verticals with an experienced, professionally managed team and a client-centric approach.

  7. SK Facility Services

    Cleaning services provided by S K Facility Services are always professional and precise. The expert cleaners at the company thoroughly clean every home or office to the exact specifications of the clients. Buildings, commercial spaces, hotels, and industries in Mumbai, Maharashtra are all served by their comprehensive housekeeping services.

  8. Sasha Integrated Services Private Ltd.

    Sasha Integrated Services Private Ltd is the best in the facility management business who has worked in it for more than two decades. They understand the value of exceptional service. Every conceivable type of property has been handled by them, from studio apartments to malls to large commercial properties.

  9. Rising Facility Management

    In the facility management sector, Rising Facility Management has become a leader in its 17-year history. With a small capital investment at the start, Raising Facility Management has since invested significantly in quality, manpower, and technology to spread its wings across the country.

    As a facility management company, Rising Facility Management has always offered impeccable service to corporate clients, commercial developers, and financiers. The innovative team combines expertise with the latest technology and young minds to deliver results beyond their clients’ expectations. Since every client’s needs differ from one another, they design and customize services to suit their needs perfectly.


  10. DM Facility Management


    Facilities management company DM Group was founded in 2001. Their mission is to provide clients with a dedicated team of professional housekeeping and security staff to maintain the highest ethical standards at the lowest cost possible.

    DM Facility Management ensures professionalism, promptness, and quality service to the satisfaction of its valued clients.


These days facility management companies are essential because, while managing and maintaining a business’ most valuable assets, they ensure that everything related to the physical infrastructure is running as it should and discover ways to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Above all are the top 10 facility management companies for corporates thus before hiring any facility management company make sure that the company will fulfill all your facility management needs.


Written By: Subodh Tayade


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