Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

Here we have covered a complete list of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.

Digital Marketing is the most common word heard of Marketing that uses digital platforms, done via the internet, is called Digital marketing. It’s the most common and widely accessible method of marketing. It uses mediums like mobile phones, computers, and other variety of digital mediums to leverage their products and services. They do their research work before and prep before indulging in any hardcore activities.

The internet is consistently growing and evolving, which makes it more difficult as thousands of other people are trying to get on the board. To be found by the right customers is the key.  We help our clients reach to potential clients. We make our clients visible and seen in the competitive clutter of the competitors.

List of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.

1. Ascent Advertising –  Ascent Advertising provides a 360 – degree marketing and advertising solutions. It includes a variety of digital marketing solutions like website design and development, video animation, search engine optimization, social media optimization, paid marketing, ORM and Online branding, email marketing, content writing and marketing, mobile app development, games & AR, VR, etc.

They provide a wide array of services for businesses and brands to elevate their sales, especially in times of crises like COVID-19. Small companies, as well as big ones, digital marketing is an easy and affordable way to elevate your business effectively.

Website –

2. A&B Digital Marketing Agency – They are into 100% digital advertising. They are purely based on digital mediums, welcome new ideas, and creative suggestions. They believe in complete client satisfaction and the happiness of the clients. They were serving consistently to achieve job accomplishment. Detailed research is done prior they take up any job, consider them as one of your company employees, and enjoy their services. There is a heart to soul connection and understanding of the customer’s emotions. Services like Digital strategy and planning, social media management, SEO, Digital Advertising, Influencer marketing, VVR, Chatbot, 360-degree digital marketing services.

3. Brandwitty – This company was started by two young professionals who have earned a lot of success in the past few years. They began in 2014 and ever since are providing effective services to brands in elevating their businesses. They are not masters of all trades but specialize in one and work excellently in their field. They focus on providing brands with the right exposure through different digital mediums and varied services to take brands to the next level.

They have a team of reliable, efficient and experienced members who are experts in helping perform.

4. Orion Digital – At Orion digital, we have adapted the art of providing, executing, and creating content that matches our client’s requirements and running digital marketing campaigns that help understand the prospects and instantly triggers traffic to our client’s website. We help them with the best possible methods and services and engaging content of which progress can be gauged.

They provide social media marketing services to various segments, such as follows:

  1. Consumer / Lifestyle/ Luxury products
  2. Healthcare
  3. Hospitality & Travel
  4. Entertainment
  5. Education
  6. Services (Financial & Professional)
  7. Corporates with a known public reputation
  8. Individual subject matter expert

5. Webmaffia – Webmaffia is an award-winning digital marketing company that is a growing creative company with every passing year. They believe in the delivery of emotions and strongly connect and not mere concepts. They brainstorm to connect audiences with the brand. Also, careful consideration is given to the client’s requirements. They do a thorough study of the client’s brands, and after careful consideration, they provide concrete ideation which definitely elevates their client’s brands.

They provide services to website designing, creating creative campaigns, run social media campaigns. This all is done to connect emotionally with the audiences and trigger traffic on the site.

6. Altorise – Specialized in digital marketing, they specialize in compelling customer experiences backing with expertise in technology, development, and mind-bending designer. They strategize with around brand growth and understand its target audience to the fullest. Brand identity is clearly defined as there is cut-throat completion in the market, and they offer the best for their clients, right from the brand identity, its core values, user interface, or social media campaigns.

7. Socio Squares – These highly concentrate on creativity plus technology, to bring the best of both worlds. Coping with the market and elevating brands to the next level through the two main factors is their forte, it’s a partnership between creation and code. Something that with looking pretty, creates utility for your brand. A complex layer of creativity is mixed with leading-edge technology. A fusion that is strong than ever.

8. Digi–Chefs – A strong team of creative heads and expertise in digital marketing leading in digital campaigns focused on the growth and marketing of their client brands. A friendly marketing partner that understands your every need. A secure and confidential team of expertise which extends support, the high authorities in the team during the process, involve themselves actively to deliver the best of services to upgrade the brand.

9. EAD Cosmos – These are not merely digital service providers; instead, they are creators that look at the world with an artistic opportunity. Considering the world as an endless source of inspiration, they playfully use creativity to outstand the competitors and elevate support for their client brands. Being witnessed in the ever-changing phase of marketing, they’ve emerged more reliable and more potent in terms of the services they provide.


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