Types of Advertisements & Some Best Ad Campaigns

Types of Advertisements & Some Best Ad Campaigns

Types of Advertisements & Ad Campaigns

Advertising and its impact are now known to the world. Advertising is in itself a process which creates supreme brand awareness, changes people’s perceptions, leverage the brand, and increase its availability to its target audience. Advertising and its importance is a vast array and a creative process.

As there’s high competition and people are trying to do best for their brand, there is an increase in the game and a race to achieve the best for their brand. This is, therefore, a task and makes things a little complicated.

Types of Advertising

1. Print Advertising

Print Advertising is the traditional means of advertising. It first initiated in 1472, somewhere in England. From there came the magazine, newspapers, brochures, billboards, and many more. In this type of Advertising, advertisers of their ads pay the publishers to buy space to place their ad in the desired publication.

2. Radio Advertising

Radio started long back in the past decade, somewhere in 1920 in the US.  From there, it took off and started gaining extreme popularity. Radio is relevant from the advertising perspective to audiences who are busy and usually have no time to read or watch television. This is a medium through which the advertisers can reach their prospects without much effort and gain success in the promotion as well. In this method, the advertiser pays to the radio station to play their audio at the desired time.

3. Television Advertising

Television advertising is to date considered to be the best and useful at the same time. This advertising medium contains both colour and audio, a mix of technology and creativity. It is incredibly engaging and caters to almost all the age groups. This is used to promote a lot of products like toys, food, apparel brands, and many more. It is a system the advertiser pays the network to display their advertisements.

4. Internet Advertising

The Internet is taking over the market and the fantastic services it offers. One can be advertising using varied platforms. Digital in high demand, one can go for the digital platform.

There are different types of advertises which flash on the screen; the advertisers pay people to display their ads on the Internet.

1. Nike – Just do it

Somewhere in 1988, the Nike sales were somewhere between $800 million. The campaign they successfully launched was ‘Just do it’. Immediately within two years of span, their sales elevated, and now even after 30 years, the campaign is still working wonders.

2. Apple – Get a Mac

One of the most popular marketing campaigns of the trendy brand Apple. Apple’s two campaigns, Mac VS PC Campaign continued from 2006 to 2009.

Simple and powerful this campaign was entertaining and engaging. Simple and yet having a great message. It helped Mac did wonders and reach this stage.

3. Pepsi – Is Pepsi ok?

Pepsi has pulled over a significant market in the past few years. It has successfully driven sales by its celebrity endorsements. It has involved great actors from all over the world to do powerful endorsements.

4. Absolut Vodka

The Bottle Campaign began in the year 1980 and made the absolute vodka known by the world. The campaign had around 1,500 ads that flashed for 25 years. It’s a market rose to post that.

5. Coca-Cola – Share a Coke

Coca-Cola campaign, share a coke went extremely viral in the past few years. The concept of share a coke, share happiness went successful and significant. One can buy a bottle with their names engraved on it.

6. Aerie

The Aerie Real, was a huge success. Celebrating women and all the body types were their campaign about. They incorporated celebrity endorsements to demolish the unrealistic beauty standards and create an environment where all ladies feel beautiful.

7. Dove

The Dove campaign the real beauty, in the year 2004, as per a research it was found that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful, rest don’t. Dove found this disturbing and considering this, introduced the campaign.

This campaign worked wonders, it worked and was introduced in talk shows, TV magazines, print ads, commercials, and changed the perception of many.

8. Avis

Avis, We Try Harder was a brand campaign that rocked the advertising in the year 1963. This campaign was specially designed to inform people about their number 2 position in the market, which unfortunately didn’t last for long. 9. Old Spice – This campaign started in the year 2010; this was amidst the failure of the product. They knew that the success of the brand laid with women. This campaign became a huge success; it came up with 160 videos on social media and made a huge success.

9. BMW

BMW-The Hire, ran a great online campaign making classic use of the Internet that none of the brands had ever done it. They came up with short films, that consisted of the branded content and featured actors like Don Cheadle, Forest Whitaker, and many more. This was a classic example of an online brand campaign.

10. Marlboro

The Malboro Man, n the year 1995, was one of the most hated and influential ad campaigns of the twentieth century. This made the Marlboro brand a famous and lively spirited brand

11. Target

Currently, famous this ad campaign of Target proved great for its brand awareness. They initiated this in recent times to promote one-stop for all shop, wherein all the requirements are met. People can buy everything they want under one roof.

12. Reb Bull

The Red Bull campaign fits the contemporary age. Felix Baumgartner, the sky driver, performed a publicity stunt, he flew 24 miles near the edge of space over New Mexico and later jumped. He initially for about 6 minutes did free fall and post that deployed his parachute. This engraved its name in world history.

13. Apple

Apple’s’ Super Bowl Ad’, telecast in the year 1984 was a great success. It proved to be a groundbreaking technique for the brand owners as it brilliantly introduced the brand and its new product.

14. Budweiser

Budweiser and its simple ad campaign which in the 21st century did magic and wonders in the media. A simple ‘Wassup’ did great. There were tons of memes that people created. It just happened to be great.


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