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Top Advertising Agencies In Mumbai


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Advertising, also called an ad agency, deals with uncovering, selecting, reshuffling, combining, and synthesizing pre-existing facts, skills, and ideas. Hence Arthur Koestler, in his landmark book The Act of Creation, calls “bisociation” an original word for collaborating existing ideas to create something “original.” So the object is not something new but a unique combination of existing elements.

An ad agency’s prime role is to plan, handle, and execute its clients’ advertising and other promotional strategies. An advertising agency always remains independent as it creates art from the outside world’s perspective. Irrespective of external or internal, it forever remains independent. It varies from agencies; some are into mere advertising, while some take care of marketing and sales.

An Agency may be hired for numerous reasons, including advertising for television, radio, online, etc. Agencies serve their clients with creative advertising solutions that help them grow in their business—marking their place in the competitor brands and adding a reliable brand positioning to their products or services.
The sole purpose of advertising is to inform the consumers about the products and services they produce. Some other purposes of advertising are, Awareness, Brand value, invigoration of the brand, newness, and generating sales.

Here is a list of some finest advertising agencies in Mumbai.

1. Forecast Advertising – Forecast Advertising is a two-decade-old, Mumbai-based, INS accredited advertising agency. They have earned the eminence of a full-service, integrated, and excellent creative communication house. Their team Forecast consists of professionals coming from highly multi-facet backgrounds, brimming with fresh and clutter-breaking ideas. We deliver insights from the future – Ideas that can sell your product and build their value over a while.

2. Ascent Advertising – Ascent advertising is an ad agency that provides 360-degree advertising and marketing solutions to add some to your brand to make it more engaging. The right marketing strategy, right advertising idea, and extraordinary creativity flowing make it a fantastic option for people who lack a spark in their brands—I have indulged in this field for good 18 years and working consistently in advertising, designs, and digital marketing. With Ascent advertising, you will experience one of the most collaborative and stimulating interactions, focusing on driving your brand towards excellence.
Here creative marketing focuses on providing some real-time contemporary and modern marketing solutions. There is a team of highly proficient digital experts, marketing strategists, and creative wizards who help this process to happen. We have been improving over more than 200 clients over the past 18 years with our diversified, innovative techniques.

3. GreySell – Creativity solves business problems and is the underlying driving force of Grey India; they have a firm belief in this. Ideas are the laying foundation of successful campaigns. At Grey India, plans are essential to interactive communications and engagement strategies. They were then combined and transformed with high technology and concept-driven campaigns. Careful consideration is given to data-driven cultural and behavioural insights and some strategies for building valuable ideas.

4. Collateral – For the world, it’s a business of advertising and marketing, but they claim to be the storytellers. With every new project and every single task, they create stories. They believe in the art of storytelling as making copy and layout is pure according to their consideration. And as a creative ad agency, they create stories, print or digital, in any medium. These are strategy-based design agencies that plan, design, and then execute. Their stories have helped raise brand equity for such global names as Volkswagen, Volkswagen Finance, Johnson & Johnson, BlackBerry, etc.

5. Six inches – Six inches is a branding, strategy, and creative agency that delves right at the inflexion point, where all the actions happen. They use high-end technology that helps to give rise to what’s not so natural but virtual in a realistic manner. With a lot of experience and expertise, we are equipped to create customer experiences that activate, engage, and evolve across every channel.

6. Sparks – Creating value and impact with in-depth products and services. Sparks is a collective of data sciences and emotional intelligence to bridge the need gaps with creative and experimental solutions both for brands and consumers. Sparks doesn’t believe in mere selling of services; it instead believes in generating world-class and memorable brand experiences.

7. TBWA India – A right advertising creative argues like a lawyer in favour of a brand and then hides the argument with her artistry. “Creativity comes with challenges and opportunities, often the same.” One of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai, it provides an array of advertising services unlike any other traditional agency; these are radically open creative collectors.

8. BBDO India – BBDO India was established in 2008 to deliver on the global BBDO promise of The Work, The Work, The Work – in the absence of nothing else matters. That has a new collaborative approach to creating and executing action-oriented ideas and breaks the typical Advertising, PR, and other mediums.
Their core competencies include advertising, PR activities, strategic planning, branding, interactive marketing, email marketing, eCRM, direct marketing, etc.

9. JWT India – Brands face a complex channel of growth due to the ever-increasing competition. The brands must move with the culture and keep invigorating themselves to remain the centre of attention in customers’ minds. Wunderman Thompson is a growth partner – part agency, consultancy, and technology company. They inspire growth by inspiring the journey of the brands on all levels. A proper blend of creativity, data, and technology together.

10. Scarecrow Communications – The ideology of Scarecrow is to create advertising which works in the long run and proves beneficial for the brand. They stick to ideas that fill the popular culture and upcoming trends. The underlying concept of the brand is change. They love change and believe in experimenting. Experimenting is a fun and strategic way that is what they do.